Matic Network | A Big Gartley Setup For Big Bullish Move

Matic Network | A Big Gartley Setup For Big Bullish Move

By moon333 | moon333 | 22 Jun 2020

Hi friends this hope you are well and welcome to the new update on Matic network token. The Matic token is again gearing up and so far it has moved more than 20%. In today's article we will do analysis on this token.


The movement within the parallel channel:

In my previous post we have seen that the price action of Matic network is moving within a parallel channel since December 2019. And the movement of the priceline within this channel is very much synchronized with Stochastic and Directional movement indicators. As we can observe that whenever the price action moves at the support of channel and the stochastic gives bull cross then finally when the positive directional indicator crosses up the negative directional indicator then the price action of Matic token moves up to the resistance of the channel.

In my previous post the price action was trying to breakout the resistance of the channel. But unfortunately it is dropped down again. But this time the priceline of Matic token did not drop up to the support of the channel. And almost from the middle of the channel the price action again has started moving up. The reason is that before the price action reaches at the support the stochastic indicators gave bull cross from the oversold zone and positive directional indicator moved up without crossing down the negative directional indicator. After these bullish signals the price action moved up and so far we have seen more than 20% bullish move. At this time the bollinger bands is squeezed that is another indication that the price action can soon make a big to up or down side.



The important role of MA7 with MA 25 combination:

In my previous post I described that it on the long-term weekly chart of Matic network the simple moving average with the time period of 7 with the combination of simple moving average with the time period of 25 has a very important role. As in the month of November 2019 we have witnessed when the 7 simple moving average crossed up the 25 simple moving average then it produced more than 247% bullish move. And I was expecting that when the 7 SMA will again cross up the 25 simple moving average then it can produce another rally. And finally in the first week of June 2020 we received this bull cross between the moving average 7 and the simple moving average with the time period of 25. And so far the price action is moved more than 20% up.



The Cup & Handle formation:

Another reason for gearing up of Matic network is the formation of Cup & Handle pattern with consistency. As in my previous post have seen that priceline of Matic token completed the cup and handle pattern in Feb 2020 and produced more than 65% rally and started the formation of the next cup and handle. When I posted my previous article at that time the price action was moving down to complete the handle of the cup. I was expecting that it will be moved up to 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level. And as per expectations the priceline of Matic token retraced up to this 0.618 golden ratio and now gearing up.


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A very big harmonic Gartley move:

If we switch to the 2 month time period chart. Then it is revealed that the price action of Matic network has formed a very big bullish Gartley pattern. After the first leg the A to B leg is retraced upto 0.786 Fibonacci retracement level that is a 1st confirmation of Gartley. Then B 2 C leg is projected between 0.382 to 0.886 Fibonacci projection (here I have ignored some extra spike) and this is the projection of A to B leg. And this is the second confirmation of bullish Gartley. And finally the price action has been retraced between 0.618 to 0.786 Fibonacci retracement level and this is the final confirmation that Gartley pattern has been completed. Now as per Fibonacci sequence of this pattern the buying and sell zone or the potential reversal zone and Fibonacci projection of this pattern are as below:


Potential reversal zone or buying zone: 0.00000249 to 0.00000161 sats


Fibonacci projection or sell zone: 0.00000320 to 0.00000485 sats



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Even though we can see that the price action has already spiked up to the sell zone but I am expecting that it will start a sequence of bullish candlesticks that will be completely entered in the sell zone soon.


All chart patterns from short term to long term and the indicators as well are giving signals that the price action my again hit the resistance of the channel. However the movement of the priceline up to the support is still due, therefore we should take care of the stop loss strictly.


Note: This idea is education purpose only and not intended to be investment advice, please seek a duly licensed professional and do you own research before any investment.

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Hi, My name is Atif Akbar and I am a trader and trading charts author


Hi my name is Atif Akbar and i am trading charts author of different assets like crypto, forex, commodities, CFDs Stocks e.t.c.

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