Binance Is Giving Away 250,000 USDT Welcome Bonus |A Comprehensive Guide To Complete Program

Binance Is Giving Away 250,000 USDT Welcome Bonus |A Comprehensive Guide To Complete Program

By moon333 | moon333 | 2 Nov 2019

Binance is going to give away 250,000 US Dollar Tether for Binance users for Futures trade who are new to Binance and it is a welcome reward. Each user will be awarded in their accounts 50 US Dollar Tether (USDT).



The people who make 1st transfer of balance / funds to their Binance Futures account after opening Futures account subsequent to 1st Nov 2019 01:00 UTC will be entitled for this welcome reward.

The existing Binance users who did not transfer any funds to their Futures account will be also eligible.

There are some important points as below:

1. This bonus will only be used on Binance Futures panel.

2. The welcome bonus will be transferred to every user after when the net transfer threshold will be reached to its extent.

3. It will be given away until the users pond will be worn out.

4. If any user will need to check the dispersal of welcome bonus reward then He / She will be able to see through Futures Wallet option.

5. The user will be able to use this reward as collateral security for Futures trading and He / She will be able to take out or transfer the profit money which would be earned through Futures.

6. In case of loss in Futures trading can also be counterbalanced against the welcome bonus.

7. The user will be able to pull out or withdraw the welcome bonus after a week of promotion period unless his trade volume reaches the extent of at least 10 Bitcoins.

8. And obviously like all other exchanges Binance has reserved all rights to change or cancel the promotion.


The reward order will be as below:

When existing or new users will transfer 1st 10 US Dollar Tether to their accounts they will receive 10 USDT to their accounts, the next 40 USDT welcome reward will be transferred to their accounts for next accumulative transfer by user equal to eight hundred US Dollar Tether.


How to open Binance Future account and how to transfer the funds:

1. First login to your Binance account



2. The select the Futures option from drop down:



3. Then click on Open Now option and your Futures account will be created:



The second step will be to transfer the funds as below:


1. After opening Futures account click on transfer option:



2. Then enter the amount in Amount text box and then click on Confirm Transfer button to confirm the action as below:



And your USDT will be successfully transferred to your Futures account.


As The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange the Binance has always been facilitating its users with different offers and this would be another step which will catch many users to Binance.


You can create account on Binance by clicking on below link:

Click Here To Create Account On Binance



Atif Akbar (moon333)

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