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Mood: F*** IT! ; 3 Songs to Turn it Up to When Youre Angry

By KcALON Music | mood_angry | 6 Feb 2021

      16cca6edc9b5ec690ae64e61c360cbdf568121e0232a2f7e5fd3a4614d3009da.png Everyone gets mad. Everyone gets upset. Everyone has stressful, almost intolerable days...… Everyone needs to just say F*** IT every once in a while. But if you don't have time to have a "F*** IT!" day than here is three songs I turn up to max volume. Rather it be through your headphones, in the car ride home, over the offices intercom system, I hope at least one of these three songs can help you get through the bullshit.....At least for the moment.  

#1 Gasoline by I Prevail, Album: Trauma   Coming from New Baltimore, Michigan in 2013, I Prevail has been on my top favorite metal bands since the first time I heard the. They became well known over the amazing Taylor Swift cover of Blank Space. They have a variety of sound in there songs including pop-punk, pomst-hardcore, and emo-hardcore. This song can be viewed on my channel with a deep short story starring YouTuber Daz Black. It shows how abusive parents, bullying, and paranoia can effect your short and long term life. My opinion, it fits perfect for the album, Trauma. Its definitely one of my personal favorites when I'm in a "F**** IT!" mood. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this song in the comments below.            


#2 Erybody But Me by Tech N9ne Featuring Krizz Kaliko and Bizzy, Album: The Storm   Of course, not only an amazing "F*** IT!" song, but a hometown hero and star. Straight out of KCMO with Strange music, going by the stage name Tech N9ne, Aaron Yates spits it out with another Krizz Kaliko and Bizzy. Tech N9ne made a name for himself world wide and has the fans and talent to prove his spot in history. Did I say prove it? My mistake. He doesn't have to prove anything after Elton John has gifted him his Flowers and dubbed him world wide as one of "The Greatest". These hip hop/rap artists released Erbody But Me in 2016 and it peaked on Billboards top charts at number thirty two (32). This song personally has come into play for myself during work, after a hard day, at a party, many different occasions but is respectfully on my number two out of three on my "F*** IT!" days. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and you can find these songs and videos on my YT Music channel here.            


#3 Ruffneck by Skrillex, Album: Single Release: More Monsters and Sprites   Coming from an emo-hardcore band i grew up with as a teen, From First to Last, Sonny Moore drops the bass over and over with killer Dubstep / EDM / Hip-hop mixes. As an American DJ, songwriter, producer, etc, Skrillex has helped me get through my bullshit time after time with this Christmas Themed music video time and time again. It had a London unofficial release in 2012 and has been in my heart since. There's a damn good reason Skrillex has been nominated for five Grammy Awards. You can listen to this song and watch the video on my YT Music channel here. Let me know what you think in the comments below.   Hopefully these three songs could come to use for you. Remember to like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and subscribe to this page and my YouTube Channel. Feel free to drop your favorite "F*** IT!" songs in the comments below. Love you guys!    



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Mood: F**** IT! ; 3 Songs to Turn Up and Listen to when Youre Angry

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