$100 Crypto Free for opening an account Block-Fi

$100 Crypto Free for opening an account Block-Fi

By Cameronomnia | MoneyTech | 12 May 2020

Have you heard of Block-Fi?
They’re like a crypto bank account. Remember when bank accounts used to come with interest in savings that actually mattered?
Well guess what? We are in a crypto renaissance right now. Think of the 90’s banks who were looking for new customers had no problem giving customers huge bonuses for signing up. I  remember some banks offering $250 just for new accounts. Now banks don’t offer any incentives, maybe if you have good credit they offer 3% back on gas. Those Days are long gone. And interest forget interest with typical banks some offer less than 1% and if you want more you better have at least $10,000 .

Money is evolving and if you want to stay ahead of the curve and earn interest that matters you better get an account that puts your money to work!

Enter Block-if. A crypto bank account who’s running a promotion right now where you deposit $200 and after July 30th you'll get a $100 deposit plus up to 8% interest.

This is a no-brainer an excellent way to earn money right now.

Click here to Earn 8% Interest on Crypto




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