Bitcoin Going to 7k 7000$ Bitcoin’s Price Crashes $1,500 in 24 hours, Is $7,000 next?

By moneymanish | moneymanish | 24 Sep 2019


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Today bitcoin touches 8150 USD Big Fall in Single day HOW Now Bitcoin's price is retracing rapidly from over $9,800 to $8,150 in less than a day and for the first time in months. According to data from Coin '360 Bitcoin investors are experiencing a painful Tuesday with BTC USD hover close to $8,100  Bitcoin’s rapid drop below $9,800 was the latest move in what was otherwise a slow grind downwards which began at the beginning of September. 



Just look at that or watch live market How fast is Bitcoin and all altcoin Down or price is vaporizing just like nothing in single days its really big lost to holders and belivers in this panic situation i can say plz dont take any new position or any of calls or telegram call premium call tips or any paid dont fall bc they pour your money to nothing just vapourise i know money is hard to earn and easy to lose so keep your capital for opportunity to buy which comes right time let market settled down then move in right direction. 


Its hard to predict this time right or wrong but play safe dont be panic market will return back after some time dont lose hope lets do what market want to do and onother big giant also predicted to bitcoin slip for 7000$ hope what makes me to believe yes he is some were right market reacting accordingly 8150 touch now Next fear for BTC 7000$ ohhh guys be cautious blood bath remains Let it beee .


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