The Power of Medium's Boost — March Earnings Report


My highest earning month on Medium so far

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What is Medium?

It's a platform for writers. And the main platform I use for my writing. And today I am going to share my March earnings with you. is a platform where writers can share their ideas and stories with millions of readers around the world. Writers can also earn money for their content through the Partner Program, which has two ways of generating revenue:

Have you heard of the new Boost feature by Medium? Well, one of my stories got boosted by Medium this month. And today I am going to tell you how it impacted my earnings.

A short Recap

I’ve been writing on Medium for a little bit over a year. And ever since last September, I have earned over 100$ a month from the Medium partner program.

I usually publish anywhere from 5 to 20 articles a month.

During the month of March, I published a total of 8 articles on Medium. And one of these articles got boosted by Medium.

How much did I earn? You are about to find out!

Medium's Boost

At the end of February Medium announced a new Boost feature for top stories on Medium. If your story is good and gets noticed by Medium's staff or community curators, it might get chosen for the boost. If this is the case your story will be shown to a larger audience than usual.

You will also receive an e-mail informing you that your story has been boosted. And you will be able to see it in the story's stats.

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You can learn more about the boost feature by reading this article from Medium's CEO Tony Stubblebine:


A new Boost for top stories


Let's get back to the earnings.

March Earnings

Records were broken this month. Both in terms of monthly earnings and in how much I earned in one day. My story about Midjourney's v5 model got boosted on March 21, 5 days after it was published.

And on the day it was boosted it made me over 50$:

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The story was doing relatively well even before the boost. But the boost increased the daily earnings by more than 10x. After the initial boost, the story cooled down a bit. But was still getting a solid 20$ a day for several days.

Let's look at the stats.


Here you can see my stats for the last 30 days, thanks to the boost I've reached more people than usual:

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So how much did I earn in March?

My total earnings for the month: $428.23

This is currently my highest earning month on Medium. Below you can see how it compares with the previous months:

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Hopefully, I will see this uptrend continuing.

Which stories did the best and when were they published?


1. Midjourney V5 Has Arrived And It’s Really Good


$239.90 earned in March and in total. Published in March 2023.



2. Tricking ChatGPT: Do Anything Now Prompt Injection


$70.04 earned in March, $144.42 earned in total. Published in February 2023.



3. ChatGPT API Is Here — What Does This Mean?


$12.86 earned in March and in total. Published in March 2023.


Final words

Seeing your earnings grow feels great. But the hard part is pushing through the times when you don't see the results. Being persistent, learning, improving, and keeping going is key to getting better results.

If you do one thing long enough and improve little by little, you are bound to be successful.

That's it for today.


I mostly write about AI-related topics but from time to time I share some insights from my journey as a writer online. If that's a topic that interests you, here's a list you can check out!

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