Popular Online Side-Hustles From Scratch: Update #6: New approach

Some changes are here, some more are coming.



On April 21, 2022, I decided to start a series of articles to document the process of me trying out popular online side-hustles from scratch. I will share with you my struggles, successes, and learning process along this journey.

I will post updates on my progress and what I've learned along the way every Thursday. If you would like to follow along, use this link to get these stories directly to your inbox. If you just stumbled upon this you might be interested in reading some of the previous updates. Here is a list of all the articles in the series so far.

But some things have changed.

Future of the series

I have decided to continue with this journey with a slightly different approach. During the past few months, I haven't been as active as I would have liked here on Medium and haven't been working on my side hustles enough. All of this is due to finally catching covid, and some other factors.

But I didn't stop thinking about all of this, and I am not quitting. What I will do though is change some things to make this work better for me.

Taking on all of these side hustles at the same time was not the greatest idea. It got a bit chaotic. And not as much as I would have liked got done. So I will be narrowing my focus to just two of them from now on.

From now on I will be focusing on Print on Demand and Affiliate marketing.

Update #6

As I wrote earlier, I haven't been as active with the side hustles as I should have been. But there's still some progress. And I am excited to get back into this.


Total: $5.15


Print-on-demand: $0.61
Affiliate marketing: $4.54

This week: $2.27


Affiliate marketing: $2.27


  • Series started - April 21, 2022
  • First photos accepted to Shutterstock - April 26, 2022
  • First video published on Youtube - May 5, 2022
  • First sale on RedBubble - May 10, 2022
  • First referral on Medium - May 12, 2022

Affiliate Marketing

For now, my only monetary results from affiliate marketing come from the one Medium referral I have. I believe I acquired this referral by writing about Medium on other writing platforms. I talk more about those in this article.

But I have generated some clicks and even sign-ups for other products. I created an article in which I show how I turn my blog posts into youtube videos.

This article includes an affiliate link to a powerful online tool Pictory.AI. Which makes it very easy to convert text to videos. And let's you export the final product in various formats fit for YouTube, TikTok or Facebook feeds.

I published this article across several writing platforms that I use. And have generated some clicks and even sign-ups. Unfortunately no sales so far. I have some great ideas I would like to try in the future. But it is going to take some time.

The great thing about affiliate programs like this one is that you get recurring income for each payment that your referrals make.
My goal is to find similar affiliate programs for other subscription-based products, to build a steady monthly income stream over time. And, yeah, I know it will take some time.


Since the last update, I created a header for my RedBubble store. I also redesigned the logo. And also uploaded some new designs. Check out my store here!

The new designs I created were space themed and inspired by the new photos from the James Webb space telescope.
NASA'S gallery is a great resource with images from space. You need to check the licensing before using these images.
Here are some examples of my latest designs:

Stars - Space Edition Mouse Pad by HungryMinded
Space cap

I am also still making designs using artwork of famous painters:
Party - Art edition iPhone Wallet by HungryMindedimage.png

Food - Art edition Floor Pillow by HungryMinded

My designs are slowly getting some likes on the platform. But so far I have made only one sale.

Goals For The Week

Overall goals:

Ideally, make some sales. Other than that keep going, improving, and getting things done.

Affiliate marketing:

  • Produce content
  • Find new products, that I would like to promote
  • Make a sale


  • Design a new type of design

Closing Thoughts

Some changes needed to be made, and now when it's done the only thing left to do is to move forward.

In Future updates:

  • A transparent look at my progress
  • I will share what I have learned
  • I will share other valuable sources of information

Here is a List of all articles in the series:

If you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to share your thoughts, leave a comment below.

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