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By ozzon | Money online 2022-2023 | 5 Sep 2022

I'm going to start a series of posts where I'm going to focus on making money online, especially on sites and programs that don't have to invest any amount of money!

Today I'm going to write about Simily, a site that promotes writers of all genres and are encouraged to post their stories by receiving a certain amount of money after each story is accessed!


Initially the site was quite small (in terms of number of users) around 2000 writers at the beginning of January 2022, when I also made an account there, but now we are around 6000 and still growing.


Until the beginning of August 2022, whoever entered a certain story and read it for at least 5 seconds, the writer received 0.02 cents. It doesn't seem like a large amount, but with 1000 views a day, some money is collected (I'll also post a picture with how many views I made).


So as I said, until August it was ok, sharing the stories was a pleasure knowing that you can earn $50 a day, in a few hours of work, after August 1st, the website configuration and implicitly the method of awarding earnings was changed.

Who wants to read a story, has to create an account (takes 2 minutes) and receives 5 views for free, that is, he can read 5 stories without paying, if he thinks it is interesting, he can make a monthly subscription.
With this free account you are allowed 5 stories to read and 3 to write per month! With a monthly subscription, everything is unlimited!

For me this site was quite ok, serious about the payment, which is done in paypal or bank account when you have collected at least $10 in the account.
In the last few days, I have seen the views received on my articles not being updated, it has happened in the past for short periods as well.





This site does not have a referral program, so affiliates cannot be brought.

I specify that I am a simple user on this site and I want to share with other people this way of making an additional income!

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Money online 2022-2023
Money online 2022-2023

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