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How Can I Make Money At Home/Online

By rbailey83 | Money Earners Online | 7 May 2022

For the longest time, I was unable to work due to my mental illness. I've been working again for the last four years but the most I can handle at the type of job I am doing is 3 shifts a week at 5 hours per shift. I have looked into getting jobs that I think I could handle more hours at but they all want 1 to 3 years of job experience in that position as a requirement and I have none. 

I have a lot of beginner skills in different areas but I have never been able to become an expert in any one thing. The mental illness really knocked me down for so long and I could never really stay with something long enough to fully learn it. Things are starting to get better with this new treatment, but until I can get to a place again where I can stay with something to learn more I'm kind of stuck in a rut.

I would love to find something that I can do to make a little extra money either online or from home. Not looking to get rich or make a couple of thousand dollars a month. If I could even just make $200 a month that would go a long way.

I know there are options such as blogging but that can take quite a while to just get noticed. Plus I would need to be knowledgeable in SEO and the proper way to use it. I have a basic understanding but am by no means proficient at it. Also would have to know how to properly monetize the blog to start making money from it.

Does anyone know of some online/work-from-home ways that could generate around the $200 mark a month, without being an expert in any area and not sink 15 hours a day in just for a small payout? I do expect to have to dedicate at least a few hours a day.

Thank you in advance to anyone that may have some suggestions.

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