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2 Apps To Earn Decent Pocket Change

By rbailey83 | Money Earners Online | 8 May 2022

Throughout my search for some apps and sites to make a little bit of cash on the side, I have come across several. One of the biggest and well-known is of course MistPlay. I am not going to talk about this one as it is so widely known. I have cashed out several $25 Visa Gift cards. If you haven't heard of this app before, it is worth checking out.

These 2 apps I am about to discuss I have used recently and successfully withdrawn and made a pretty decent amount of money.

The first app: JustPlay

JustPlay is an app that rewards you for playing games. The unique part of this app that I like is that you can cash out your balance every three hours to PayPal. There is a wide range of games to choose from to play and earn rewards with. Most games have levels that you complete for a payout reward. Such as reaching level 10 for x amount of points, reaching level 20 for x amount of points, and so on. 

In a month of playing different games, not playing all day, I made $94.03 in total that was paid to my PayPal account.

Similar to other play-to-earn apps, it has to be the first time installing the game on the device in order to receive the rewards.

Before you install the game, JustPlay will tell you how much time you have to meet each/all the goals. Some games are only 15 days to complete while others are 30 and some are as long as 60 days. 

One thing to watch out for though is the casino games. There are a lot of casino games with high point values for rewards. However, I found that in most of them, you might hit the first or second payout level but was very hard to get the remaining rewards. At least not without paying for items in the game. There were a few casino games thought that I was fully able to complete.

The Second App: Mode Earn

This app is great if you have a computer with a lot of idle time, or even while you're using the computer. You can install an emulator like BlueStacks and then install Mode Earn on bluestacks. 

This app pays you for listening to music. You set a goal for how many points you want to acquire before redeeming. Again you can redeem directly to PayPal, but there are a lot of different redemption options available. 

The way Mode Earn works is that you will receive x amount of points per minute for listening to music. You can increase the amount you earn per minute by logging in and checking in every day, when you make a redemption there is a temporary increase, and by doing a boost where you need to get 100 points. 

You can get those points by watching videos, each video has a random amount of points it will reward, reading news articles, games, and my personal favorite, surveys. 

You will need to check in every 2 hours to keep earning points throughout the day and the boosts last for only 2 hours.

I choose the surveys because you can find short 10-minute surveys that reward anywhere from 200 to 500 points. This allows you to gain the total amount of points you need to make a redemption. I don't know why but I stick to the $10 PayPal goal and redemption. The money is sent directly to your PayPal account and is in USD.

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