Generate income in times of Quarantine

Generate income in times of Quarantine

By AryaStark | Money and Work | 12 Apr 2021

Job context

For most of the people of my generation - born in the 80's or earlier - the only way to earn an income was to have a steady 8 hour job - hopefully , as some must work even longer - or win the lottery .

Since the quarantine caused by the Covid19 pandemic due to sanitary restrictions, many people lost their jobs, or had their working hours reduced and with it their incomes.

For people who cannot telecommute due to the nature of their jobs, and must live on a subsidy or their savings, the economic situation worsens, but fortunately on the internet there are some options to generate real and proven income.

Generate income on the internet with Toloka Yandex

More options exist and will exist, but i will recommend them that I have personally tried it works and pays.

This is Toloka Yandex , which is a platform dedicated to data labeling that high-tech companies use to quickly label large volumes of data.

If you are looking to generate fast and secure income using your downtime, such as while traveling by subway or bus or you are with a little insomnia, it is ideal fot obtain a minimum of $ 20 per month.

It sounds little, but that amount grows depending on the time you dedicate to it, in my case, it is not more than 3 hours a day, but in view of the fact that I have verified that they pay, I will increase the hours and I will start using the referral program -which for certainly I appreciate to use  the link above if you want to register because it contains my referral number and would be helpful to start my network - to maximize profits.

Ways to get paid on Toloka Yandex

One of the advantages of Toloka Yandex is that you have the option of working from the browser on your computer or from the app on your mobile phone and another is that it offers an interesting variety of ways to collect the money you earn, since most of networking websites or FreeLancers pay with Paypal that in many countries is still not possible to use to get payments.

You can withdraw your earnings with these payment systems:

The system that I chose for collect is Skrill because it allows you to receive money to your electronic wallet in which you can keep the money, buy cryptocurrencies to invest, buy online with special offers for affiliates, play online in casinos - which I do not recommend  at all unless you are a scientific player and you are aware that gambling is very risky - and send money to your bank account for free - although it may be your bank that applies charges for transfers from abroad - or send money to other wallets Skrill with a low commission. As a bonus, you can load money to your IQOption account with the exception that you must also withdraw your earnings to your Skrill wallet .

Truspilot Referrals and ReceiptsTesting

On the website Trustpilot Toloka Yandex gets a 4-star rating which is quite good on the web, although it really has few votes yet.



As always, it is good to remember that one of the premises in the world of money and investment is to do your own research, because although here we do not talk about investing money for profit, if you invest time, that it is a more valuable resource than we think, so if after taking a look at the subject it seems that this alternative will help you to some extent, you can help me using the affiliate links provided in the article, since the new digital age has the advantage of applying the philosophy WIN /WIN in which for me to win no one must lose and vice versa.


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