Damex or David vs Goliath: Will Paypal ever lose its hegemony ?

By AryaStark | Money and Work | 5 May 2021

We all know and trust Paypal , mainly due to its long history in the market - founded in 1998, many of its users are younger ! - but, even Paypal was an emerging company that nobody knew about and that would provide an innovative service - and risky like all innovations - to make payments and collections through the internet, something quite unknown to the vast majority 30 or 40 years ago .

Nowadays, the technology available to almost everyone makes changes occur rapidly, so much so that hundreds or thousands of projects circulate daily through networks, some with solid foundations, others simple elaborate scams. The point is that only time will tell if a project will be viable or not, or if it will be a great cloud of smoke.

The truth is that for a project to be successful, it will depend on the massive adoption of people around the world. And to get that, factors like a good marketing campaign and of course a good campaign fundraising influences.

Of course I am not encouraging anyone to invest their money in every project that looks good, no ! I'm just saying that many times it is necessary to take risks and believe in a project. Not in vain the popular saying says that "Under the risk is the profit ." Fortunately, today you can do quite effective research without even leaving your home   using the internet.

Well, so much preamble to get to the point I wanted: to tell you about Damex , an initiative that seeks to be, in addition to an online payment platform , a community that rewards you for being active. It sounds weird that a company cares about your health, right ? Well yes, the truth, but at the moment to receive your future debit card you only need to register with an email and be among the first 5000, because here I am, embarked on the project.


If you are also a curious skeptic like me, you probably want to sign up, so I share my referral link so that you can do it, and you can start recruiting your family and friends to do the same and you can climb the ranking and if you go up to the first 50 positions, promise a balance of 50 GBP in Bitcoin on your brand new Damex card !



The company is recorded in Gibraltar Financial Services Commission in the category DLT Providers   with the name of Digital Asset Managment Ltd. In the same category are eToro to cite one example known. Its CEO, Sam Buxton , has a LinkeIn profile from what we can see his career, apparently he has a lot of experience in the sector despite his youth.


Let time do its work and see if Damex will be a fruit that will mature or will be one of the many projects abandoned by the boulevard of broken dreams, as Joaquín Sabina would say.


As always thanks for reading and cheers !




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