When Creating A Blog Post On PublishOx

By MoJo410 | MoJo410 | 16 May 2021

  First and foremost download pexels and canva apps before you even type a single thing (these are the apps you will use to add pictures to things because any pictures you have on a phone will not be able to be used on here)

Keep things relatively short and simple in explaining, somewhere between 8-12 paragraphs seems to work well as people have short attention spans and if they really are interested in your writing, you can just turn one long post into a few saperated into sections (which once again if they're interested they will go to the next to read that too)

Have a little bit of yourself in everything, but remember when using any kind of short hand or side joke it's easy to throw a short explanation in some brackets (you never want to make your reader feel dumb and they aren't going to search to find out what you are saying means so spell it out for them). 

And basically that's about it, besides the remember to have fun with it, because let's be honest no one is getting rich or gonna have a career from this more than likely, sure there may be one Shakespeare amongst us, but really in this day and age even good old William would have had trouble with the attention spans we have created and trained ourselves into (I'm only on the 5th paragraph and even I'm happy this is so short and simple and about to be over).

So blog, write, and post away, just remember to treat the back button on your phone when doing so like the plague and coronavirus rolled in one, believe me you missed out on a much more interesting article because of it.

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