UPX the next Bitcoin you probably haven't heard of.

By MoJo410 | MoJo410 | 16 May 2021

  With crypto-currencies taking the world by storm over this past year, even more this past month with recent explosions to Doge, Shiba, and anything added to any of the popular apps, there is a hunt to find the "next big thing." And UPX is it.

  Now I understand you may be slightly confused because in truth UPX is not a digital currency...just yet. Let's start by explaining what it is first, and that is a currency found in a virtual game called Upland, that you purchase in game. The cost of a single UPX (pronounced Up X fyi) in game is 1000UPX=1$USD or 1UPX=.001$USD. In Upland a player is then using UPX to purchase in game properties which is real cool for three reasons...

1-the properties are all based on real world properties (there's even a button in game that lets you look at the properties real world counterpart that it is based on)

2-ALL properties are also uploaded to a blockchain, meaning every single one is not only a Non Fungibal Token, but an actual 1/1 NFT because once a property is purchased in game there can never be another (yes I understand all NFTs are unique but do you understand that technically all copies of anything are unique which is why it is possible to have multiple NFTs of the same thing but in this case it is the ONLY ONE EVER)

3-Unlike every in game currency the makers of Upland really thought outside the box and made it a fixed price, no bonus buy certain days or at holidays or anything like that (with one exception being that if someone new joins the game from a referral they get a one time bonus on their first in game purchases of 50% for them and the person whose link they use  https://r.upland.me/JhAA is mine if you happen to be interested but I'd recommend my how to succeed in Upland article that tells you all the things I would have liked to have known before I got started)

  Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You're asking yourself is this just an advertisement for a game because that's all I'm seeing so far and nothing about how it could make some one money, am I right?

Well here are the three reasons on how it will make someone Bitcoin type money down the road.

1-There has been an agreement with Second Life (a virtual game you can do just about anything in at least from what I've read) that will eventually link the systems allowing people to live, rent, and build on the properties in Upland.

2-An agreement that was tied to the first with Second Life's pay app that within the next year or two (personal guestimation from all the articles I've read and understanding of technology releases from personal experience)

3-Appreciation of the properties themselves in Upland. See since all of them are unique, the first properties released in the game, sold off for between 100,000-200,000 UPX or 100-200$USD, and now...


...what you've been waiting for...


...those original properties sell for between 1,000,000-2,000,000 UPX or 1000-2000$ USD which is a pretty significant ROI (return on investment incase you didn't know) in three years.

  But wait, did you also take into account this is before the ability to exchange UPX for real world money (which will cause an in game explosion when it happens), that newly added cities that used to take months to sell out now sell out in a matter of weeks (with the best properties going in a matter of minutes), that the "build" feature (an in-game feature that will cause a different explosion because of how much users have been waiting for it) has yet to be added, or that even the "cheap properties" (ones that cost 500-10,000 UPX .50-10$USD at the start of a city within a few months go for 3000-150,000 UPX or 3-100$USD

  Now I admit currently there is not much gameplay to Upland itself, in actuality there is just buying & trading properties and hunting (basically a way to earn free UPX daily around 50-100 if you can travel quick enough and not spend too much doing it, and 1,000-100,000 in special events every month and a half now but those are very difficult to achieve as you compete against everyone else), but looking at how much prices are jumping now and taking into account where it used to take a year to add a new city it is now down to one or more a month, you easily understand the snowball effect that is taking place.

  To which my obvious advice is jump in now before the ball gets too big, and you are looking back going (as someone who was one untimely breakup away from getting Bitcoin at the .01-.10$ stage) man if only I just went with my gut and threw even 10-100$ in just because, not that our lives would be better with money, but it would definitely make a lot of stress a little easier to handle.

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