Everything I Wish I Knew About Upland Before I Started Part 1

By MoJo410 | MoJo410 | 17 May 2021

 https://r.upland.me/JhAA (if you haven't already signed up for Upland you can use my referral link and you will get a 50% bonus on your first purchase, which is the only bonus on UPX purchase ever so you'll want to take advantage of it, and just so you know I get a the 50% bonus as well so thank you if you do but I am obligating anyone in any way to do so)

Okay so you either have heard from a friend, maybe saw an article on the web, maybe you're on discord and someone was talking about it, or maybe my posts are the first you've heard of UPLAND, any way you have doesn't really matter what does is that you're here and over this series I will be telling you anything and everything I wish was explained to me when I was getting started.

  First off, what is UPLAND? It is a new game that has turned real life properties in the world into NFTs (non fungible tokens), think of it like a Google maps Monopoly so far if you will. And basically your job is to hunt, hunt, hunt, with a dash of selling, collecting, and trading. That's it, well at least so far, building is down the road a ways still but will be AWESOME when it gets here!

  When you go through the introduction to the game you choose a bit, some color schemes, and enter a name... it's a generic walk through that is quite simple and easy but will leave you quite puzzled (at least for me it did) as to actually what to do or how to do it best?

  So I will first take you to even before the introduction at which point you select a city to start in, which certain cities sound really cool to start off in, or maybe you have always loved the idea or of going to a certain city, or whatever is pulling you to a certain city STOP 🛑 This was a mistake I made off the get go that cost me (literally I was unaware that I would have no choice but to spend money to not even succeed but just get by depending on the city you start in.

  You see when you are entering a city you need to know how young it is, no not in the historical sense, in terms of it's addition to the game. For example the most recent city to be added is Staten Island, and even though there are still a good amount of properties in the FSA category (Fair Starting Act means that it is a new property that no one has owned before and is able to be purchased at the lowest price of UPX it ever will be able to be purchased at) I will advise you not to start in Staten Island, and by that I mean DON'T!

  Wait for either Cleveland or Detroit, an easy way to find out the exact time a city will be opened up is to install the Discord App (you can fight not doing it for as long as you want but eventually we all end up having to, at least for now because it is what the makers of Upland use to communicate with it's players) and follow the Upland account, personally recommend turning off the notifications and just get into the routine of checking it regularly otherwise you will get a ridiculous amount of notifications, like one every 15 minutes or less which increases exponentially if you follow anyone else on there (which is another inevitable because certain free give aways are done regularly that would be awesome to win and you have to follow certain accounts to sign up for them).

Okay so you've got Discord and the Upland app downloaded and you are just waiting for a new city to open up, you may be saying to yourself do I really have to be there when a city opens up, like the exact second, and the answer is a resounding YES. See when this all first started it took months to sell out the best properties and almost a year for the first city to be completely sold out, where for example Staten Island the most recently released city took less than 10 minutes, yes you read that right 10 minutes for more than 90% of the best spots to be taken. So you have taken care of all the starter stuff and you are in the most recent added city ready to go, but wait you still don't get how any of this really works, yes I know this might seem like a lot but there is a method to my madness just stick with me here. 

  By now you have a traveler (this is how you actually get places for prizes and to buy FSA properties as they have to be near your traveler and will turn a bright green when they are at, which point they can be purchased)  and have gone through some of the introduction. Now click the three dots ... and go to COLLECTIONS, at which point you can see the collections you can get by purchasing properties, some general purchases fulfill them and others have to be in certain areas or on certain streets. Write down all the ones on certain streets (as these have the best possibility of being available at the start of a city, certain areas are cut off as Upland only releases certain properties at certain times in a new city in an attempt to make it more difficult for people to monopolize a city at the get go) especially the blue and purple ones, the others are great but pricey.

  Now yes some people may have started because this is a "free game" but spoiler alert that isn't true, at least not in the beginning. If you've read this far you're already intrigued, if not hooked, so here's the thing you can technically play the game for free but it is designed to not let you make enough UPX to become an Uplander (I status reached at 10,000 UPX that means your profile is saved indefinitely and have access to hunting for treasure in the 500-10,000 UPX range and not just 120-220 range). So hey you're gonna make a purchase, maybe you tell yourself I'll just make the 5$ purchase so I become an Uplander and from there just play the rest for free (yeah I said that too) but soon down the road you find yourself wanting certain properties or to be able to buy them all over a city for treasure hunting purposes and next thing you know 5$ spent has turned into 45$ spent. So do yourself a favor and make a bigger purchase then you intended to from the get go, looking back hind sight is 20/20 and I would have made a first purchase of 100$ because the bonus 50$ is more than what I paid for and I already know I will make at least a 20$ purchase anytime a new city is added to pickup FSA properties.

  Okay that was a lot, now just a touch more info before you're ready to buy, but it's all worth it I promise. The way your traveler gets around, I like to think of it like my wife's Roomba in that it's supposed to move pretty randomly but in truth it usually goes where I don't want it to go and there's no way to control it except bringing it back repeatedly to a starting point till it finally cooperates, which is exactly how your traveler travels. You send it to a point and it will randomly pick the direction it goes in, which important note to know every time you have it go somewhere it costs you a send PLUS the UPX the place you send it to charges, with the exception of being properties that you own, which is why it is good to buy properties all over a given city so you can travel all over for free and why buying properties next to each other is pointless unless they're part of a collection (and even then if it's not a red or yellow one the street/area is usually long/big enough to get them spread out).

Last two notes before buying, first keep track of your "sends," if you run out your stuck only being able to go to your properties or waiting till the next day so banking as many as you can is good but also not you can only hold 11 no matter what. So every now and again you will send your traveler physically to a send(paper airplanes that your traveler has to be close enough to to collect, if you press the chess piece button it will zoom at to the maximum point that you can see you traveler as well as the area your traveler physically covers at this view is it's radius for collecting sends or treasures) so you can get more, but a good pro tip is to send your traveler to a near by property with an FSA near it (you can only send a traveler to already purchased properties) that you want to buy, purchase it, and then use that as a free starting point till you can get your traveler to head towards the send or if close enough collect the send and make the purchase.

  Last note before purchasing, for the most part the best tip I can give it to purchase end/corner lots as they are the easiest to click on in a race (at least in the mobile version because the blank space on the side/sides just makes it easier), and I personally like to buy the cheapest properties possible, when you factor in "earnings" from a property (basically what you get paid monthly for a property that is mostly based on size, unless it is in a special location where it will be worth more monthly but also cost a lot more even as an FSA), there is no difference and if I have the option of one property at 5,000 or two at 2,500 or five at 1,000 or ten at 500 each the ten is WAY WAY WAY better for two reasons. One you can travel to more areas which is the obvious you've learned by now, but two is because people will offer to buy these properties from you (see your traveler has to be near an FSA property to purchase it but you can make an offer on any property in any city at any time simply by clicking on it and making an offer to the owner which travel in the game is bost costly and very time consuming, when it's not in a given city you have to take a bus/train/plane and that can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours). As an example I just last night was offered 2000 UPX for a property I purchased as an FSA for only 500, which I then took and bought two more properties (one literally right next to the one I sold) for less than the 2000 I got, and now I have twice as many properties for someone else to make offers on.

  Okay your all set to start purchasing, I know I know FINALLY, but believe me this was all worth it to know! Also one last note 🛑 don't I repeat don't 🛑 one more time for the cheap seats DON'T collect any of your collections YET! As tempting as it may be believe me it is the difference from getting that UPX and getting it 30,000+ UPX. Yeah I know right!!!! But that will have to wait till Part Duex, sorry I've gotta get to work, till then UPLAND away my friends and "stay thrifty"

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