DuckDAO and Faculty Lab Joins Forces to Invest in UNIDO

By Moey | Moey's Articles | 16 Feb 2021

DuckDAO and Faculty Lab are incubators with a knack for identifying decentralized projects with the greatest potential. Their interest in UNIDO suggests the potential success of the project given the right tools and exposure to the right players in the decentralized industry.

Having led projects to successes in the past, DuckDAO and Faculty Lab remain some of the enterprise-focused platform’s pre-eminent partners.

Who are DuckDAO and Faculty Lab?

During the initial stages of decentralized projects, high net worth individuals or venture capitals get access to the best financing deals. These entities end up making a huge profit once the project goes public, while the public rarely sees any decent profits in the short-term. DuckDAO was innovated to change this status quo.

The platform was built to break the cycle by giving decentralized community members early access to decentralized project financing. DuckDAO focuses its energy on high potential encryption projects, such as UNIDO.

Their involvement as strategic partners with startups is vital for the decentralized industry. It positively affects the popularity of startups which were developing a bad reputation as being entities through which big money can make more profits through token sales.

A DuckDao Spokesperson commented on their decision to partner with UNIDO, “Unido is a rare gem, a project with a great team, amazing track record, and they’ve done most of the work prior to launching a token. Their market fit and timing are great, as corporate and enterprise entities are currently pursuing investments into crypto, sparked by Michel Saylor and Elon Musk. Unido already helps these companies solve numerous challenges, putting them in a position of leverage over the DeFi part of the market.”

On the other hand, Faculty Lab is a great strategic partner for the enterprise-level trading platform. UNIDO will greatly benefit from the marriage of the concepts of finance and software engineering brought to life by Faculty Lab. The platform specialized in algorithmic trading, an essential tool for UNIDO, given that it runs an enterprise trading platform.

Both platforms have worked on numerous successful projects in the past. DuckDAO, for instance, has worked with over ten successful projects. Bridge Mutual, Geeq, and DeFiPie are just some of the successful projects DuckDAO has partnered with. With market caps of over $4 million for Bridge Mutual and over $1 million for both Geeq and DeFiPie, DuckDAO has proven itself a major influencer in the decentralized market.

Adding on to its credibility is the upward trajectory of its token prices in the market. Both the DuckDaoDime and DLP Duck token are performing exceptionally well.

UNIDO’s Lucrative Services

The enterprise market is the reason behind the current crypto surge the market is experiencing. Bitcoin has hit its all-time high as well as other cryptocurrencies, including DuckDAO’s DuckDAODime. With more enterprises entering the decentralized market, the market is likely to continue riding the wave before the dust settles.

Seeing the number of enterprises set on joining cryptocurrency trading, UNIDO created its services that cater to both enterprises and individuals seeking to trade in cryptocurrencies. Despite there being diverse options to select from, none offers secure decentralized finance options and crypto asset management.

UNIDO is set up to attract and serve enterprises, regardless of the nature of the institution. Groups, families, corporates, and various funds can utilize the platform to trade securely, responsibly, and fairly in the decentralized market space. The platform combines intuitive design with essential crypto services to meet the demands of its clients.

Some of the essential crypto services include:

Crypto Banking

The platform’s relevance continues to be justified daily as more corporates embrace cryptocurrency. Recently, Tesla announced that it would start accepting Bitcoin as payment for purchasing their products, a move that will likely have a ripple effect on other “mainstream” companies.

One of the hallmark features of UNIDO is crypto banking services, which enable enterprises to manage their daily operations that involve cryptocurrencies efficiently. With companies embracing blockchain payments and other crypto-related services, the banking portal by UNIDO will be a hit among its clients. The service itself may be a potential driver for mass adoption. Such applications allow UNIDO to provide services beyond its initial scope.

Aside from making crypto payments, users can also manage their wallets and customize their preferred choice of governance.

Versatile Wallets

The cryptocurrency market is expanding, and enterprises will need more than one wallet to facilitate the storage and transfer of assets. UNIDO allows its clients to open up multiple wallets for their various preferred cryptocurrencies. This will allow their clients to trade in as many assets as they desire. The wallets are also connected to leading networks such as UNISWAP making it easier for enterprises to conduct their preferred trades.

As storage facilities, UNIDO’s wallets are arguably the most secure and robust options. The platform offers multi-signature enterprise wallets making them safe for both storage and trading. Enterprises can select individuals or groups that can verify payments on their behalf through this system.

Centralized Dashboard

UNIDO’s services are brought together in a neat and easy to look package through their dashboard. Enterprises can access all their desired services through the dashboard.

What Powers UNIDO?

From its services, it is clear that UNIDO’s success depends on the interoperability of its services with other blockchains. UNIDO core is UNIDO’s proprietary solution to interoperability and it is the powerhouse behind its excellent services. It allows their Polkadot powered platform to communicate and interact with other protocols, executing each transaction as dictated by requests. It also provides the security of the entire platform along with the flexible governance option available.

Potential Applications

DuckDAO and Faculty Lab were likely enticed by some of the possible applications of the platform that may arise in the future. UNIDO is a supporter of the greater decentralized community and welcomes third-party developers, partners, and enterprises to leverage its platform for better service provision.

Its welcoming nature is vital for its existence beyond its initial exciting phase. UNIDO may remain relevant in the fast-paced decentralized space through the support of third-party developers. More applications can easily translate to more users of its services. By leveraging the strength and innovation within its ecosystem, UNIDO may have found the right formula to attract and keep enterprises trading on their platform.


The interest and partnership from DuckDAO and Faculty Lab are great for UNIDO. What they offer is exactly what UNIDO needs to grow its presence in the market. Their combined strengths greatly complement each other. While DuckDAO assists with consultations, publicity, and other advisory roles, Faculty Lab will be providing the technical expertise necessary in trading platforms to help UNIDO stand out as an enterprise trading grade solution.

When everything falls into place, UNIDO’s success will be imminent. The platform already has rumoured partnerships that will take it to the next level. If these partnerships are as good as DuckDAO and Faculty Lab, or even better, then expect to see the success of UNIDO.


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