My First Month Of Posting On Publish0x

By By sea and land | Modern living | 27 Dec 2021

My First Month Of Posting On Publish0x


I was waiting outside Primark while my girlfriend was shopping 🛍. Like most men I do not like shopping 😒 but, Primark is even worse and my girlfriend will shop for hours sometimes buying just one item.

I decided to Google how to earn cypto for free. That is how I found out about Publish0x. I am not a stranger to earning cypto for free. The first cypto I was offered for free was BTC when it was virtually worthless. Over the years I have earned huge amounts of dogecoin and other cypto. But, at the time I would make no more than 10p. I just left it in a paper wallet for a long time until it become worth something. I receive most of my cypto from staking and from Coinbase Rewards.

I just started giving tips on then decided to apply to publish on I have been blogging about my boats and stocks and shares for a while. 

My First 30 days 

Number of posts 35

Number of views 5108

Number of likes 124

Number of dislikes 0 

Total earnings $1.55

Highest number of view per post 341

Lowest number of views 60


Although I only earned $1.55 that may be worth significantly more in the future. I did not invest much time and would have simply been doing something else like being on Facebook or watching TV.

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By sea and land
By sea and land

Normal person who loves linguistics and travel. I have a passion for sailing and being on the water. I love to travel overland or by sea. I have been making money online since 2005.

Modern living
Modern living

Living and travelling in the modern world.

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