Earn Crypto as You Learn

Earn Crypto as You Learn

By Dr.Mayhem | Mobile Based Crypto | 27 Feb 2021

    There is so much to read, watch and learn about cryptocurrency.  I spend a bit of time everyday trying to read about various aspects of lesser known cryptocurrencies to figure out if any are projects I want to get into.  As they say though, “time is money”!  

    Recently I figured I would test out the well known “Coinbase” app and discovered they will reward you with select cryptocurrencies in return for reading about and watching informational videos on blockchain projects.  The videos are easy to watch, and the articles are pretty simple reads.  The only catch is . . . you have to pass small quizes to prove you were paying attention.  

    As far as crypto wallets go I think Coinbase does a fair job, and is an easy introduction for many people just getting into cryptocurrency.  Their mobile app has a very simple layout with easy to use functions.  They usually put out a new set of educational videos about once per month.  So why not earn while you learn?!

Here is a link to the Coinbase wallet/exchange.  


Other links for free mobile crypto earning.


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Mobile Based Crypto
Mobile Based Crypto

Information on mobile device based cryptocurrency and blockchain. What is it, can you mine it, can you exchange it, what is it for?

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