🔴 EARN $SAMO !! + Leverage Yield Farm on Solana TULIP GARDEN

By omomohoho | Mo Crypto. Mo Problems. | 28 Oct 2021


Yes! Currently, it's 100,000% + APY on Tulip Garden. As for how hot $SAMO is and seems like it's unstoppable for now, besides Hotbit listed it out of nowhere, Tulip Garden (formerly Solfarm.io) just added a $SAMO-$RAY pool to its Leverage Yield Farming section as well as the lending so now you can earn 100,000% + APY yield farming or roughly 20% APY by lending $SAMO.

Make sure you understand the risk of Leverage Yield Farming and understand it well before jumping in. I have discovered a really useful tool that you can adapt to manage the risk and the positions. Check out https://www.alpaca-mate.info/#/ and how to kinda adapt it for $SAMO farming exactly, I have explained it in the video.

Other than these 2 ways of earning more $SAMO I have also pointed out that $SHIB has flipped $DOGE in term of market cap and how hot $SAMO is. Seems like it's following the doggy trend!


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Disclaimer: It's never financial advice on all videos on Mo Crypto Mo Problem Channel. Please do your own research before investing. #DYOR

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