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A Problem Worth Solving Part: 2 The Numbers and More...

Looking Closely At The Numbers and other factors of goal-achievement.


The way we look at it is, there are 176 million people in America passively looking for a solution to goal-achievement. If we listen and we are, we can move these people through survey's that guide them to better and more affective goal-setting. The US population is at 330,459,618 and counting at last look, thus the 176 million number, of people looking for ways to accomplish their goals is on the rise. With more than 148 million people who usually set goals there is more than enough people aggressively looking for solutions. People who are looking for goal-achievement solutions are doing so because they have not found the success they are seeking. Survey's will help guide these people to where they need to go.

A-Coin Token is the solution

The information captured from survey's can be used to increase people's success. In addition anyone holding the survey data will be the absolute leader in goal-setting and goal-achievement data in the world. Why is this important? With the most current and comprehensive goals oriented information one could create solution based products that narrows a persons failure rate. In stead of using this type of data against the population as many big tech companies do. Those with good intentions will be able to use the data captured to help people make better success decisions in their life. There are so many positives that can come from the use of survey data captures.

Positive Always Comes Back To You

The positive psychological ramifications of more people exercising in successful goal-achievement are vast. One of the main reason is for the simple fact that goal-achievement is like a boomerang. Once a person starts to create legitimate achievement in their life everything that comes back to them will reflect achievement. This is why the rich get richer... Rich people keep themselves around other rich people. And this statement has little to do with actual money. People who are “rich” in the way they view their reality keep themselves around like minded people. Poor people do the same. If you want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand at attention think about this... If more “rich” people had the time, took the time, or wanted the time to be around poor people, poor people would no longer be poor. The poorest minded would eventually lose themselves in the successful mindset of the rich people for whom they were engage.

A-Coin Token Cryptocurrency 100x your investment

People stay the same in circumstance and situation because of their environment for the most part. A few people break away from negative environments, but only a very few as the data shows. Imagine the dominating news narrative acting like a magnet for the unsuccessful to discover their success. Every mention of a new goal achievement and the successes of other people will give hope to those who lost faith in their own ability to achieve their goals. The positive psychological side of the hive or herd mentality of humans is that everyone will be engaging in activities that is uplifting. This is in contrast to what most social networks, and news media delivers, which is often dominated by negativity. Sure people will fall short in the beginning, at the middle, and even as they reach what they believe is the end of their goal-achievement journey. However, they will succeed more often, which will lead to a complete shift of the inner self for most people.

Inner Success

This article was written as part of a goal-setting and goal-achievement project by the Found of A-Coin Token cryptocurrency and MMAPgoals. The world needs successful goal-achievement more than ever now. With all the fear and negative propaganda being spread over the internet and news, mass goal-achievement would be an uplifting proposition. Let's all move toward higher self-love, comprehensive goal-setting, and better goal-achievement in 2021 and beyond.

Article source: americans-hope-to-achieve-in-2020/



Michaelson Williams,TSX, Author of True Success Naturally, Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine, Creator of A-Coin Token project

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