Quick Bets for UFC 263: ADESANYA VS. VETTORI 2

By Marximus | MMA Betting Blog | 12 Jun 2021

Let's quickly go through my most confident bets for today's UFC event. Long term tracking at https://www.betmma.tips/Marximus.


Adesanya vs. Vettori: 

I'm going with Vettori @3.15/+215 (5dimes) here. I think he can make it dirty, close the distance frequently, threaten takedowns, and hold him down for longer periods if he gets him down. Look no further than Adesanya's last fight against Blachowicz, even though not a great wrestler, Blachowicz took and held him down at will. Of course it was at LHW, but Vettori's frame could will give a much lighter Adesanya similar problems. Their first fight was already close, and if Vettori learned his lessons from that one, Adesanya will have a really hard time.

Edwards vs. Diaz:

Edwards is a true dark horse of the division, being away for a long time getting better, while he was always top notch. His last fight against Muhammad showed glimpses into where his skill level is at now. He looks to be truly in his prime now. Meanwhile Diaz' scar tissue has scar tissue, he is old, and I don't think he has that fire anymore. Banking on a cut stoppage and betting Edwards by KO/TKO @2.00/+100 (5dimes). 

Hill vs. Craig:

Hill looks to be the real deal, but his ground game is unproven. Craig could very well get blasted on the feet, but I think at some point he will be able to get this to the ground, either through actively wrestling or through some the usual LHW meme shit fuckery. Going with a small stab at Craig by submission @6.05/+505 (5dimes).

Peterson vs. Hooper:

Hooper seems like an intelligent kid, but some fighters will never be able to strike well. Although I'm sure he spend lots of time trying to hone his striking skills, it's wasted. Hooper is not really UFC caliber, or at least has no business of ever coming close to the top 15. He might be the better grappler here, emphasis on might. I'm not even sure about that. Peterson is better anywhere else, and Hooper has no reliable way of getting it to the ground either. His only hope is that Peterson follows him there at one point of the fight, or stupidly exposes his back in some kind of scramble, not being disciplined enough. At close to evens this is value for sure, and I'm taking Peterson @1.93/-108 (Pinnacle). 


Good luck with your own bets, and always enjoy the games fellas!

5 year Record:

Units Bet / Units Profit / ROI

2,590.3 / 242.89 / 9%

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