Causes of Global Warming

By Mitsuha | mitsuha01 | 16 Apr 2022

What is Global Warming?

The gradual rise in temperature near the earth's surface is known as global warming. Over the past one or two centuries, this phenomena has been noticed. The earth's climate pattern has been upset by this upheaval. The concept of global warming, on the other hand, is contentious, but scientists have produced evidence that the earth's temperature is steadily rising.


Global warming is caused by a variety of factors that have negative consequences for humans, plants, and animals. These factors could be natural or the result of human behavior. It is critical to comprehend the harmful consequences of global warming in order to address the problem.


Causes of Global Warming:

Generating Electricity

Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas to generate electricity and heat accounts for a significant portion of world emissions. The majority of electricity is still generated using fossil fuels; just approximately a quarter is generated using wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources.


Manufacturing Goods

Pollution can be caused by manufacturing and industry, primarily from the emission of greenhouse gases to generate energy for the manufacture of cement, coal, metal, electronic goods, cosmetics, clothing, and other items. Gases are also released by mining and other factories. Food production necessitates the use of fossil fuels to power farm equipment and fishing boats. Emissions can also be caused by growing crops, such as when fertilizers and manure are used. Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is produced by cattle. Emissions are also produced by the packing and distribution of food.


Demolition of forest lands

Drastically cutting forests to make way for farms or pastures, or for any other reasons, results in emissions because trees release the carbon they have been storing when they are chopped down. Destruction of trees, which lead to climate change, reduces nature's capacity to maintain emissions out of the atmosphere.

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Global Warming: The Cause and Effect

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