Will Bitcoin be the "fastest horse"

By Mister.D | MisterD | 12 Aug 2020

Will Bitcoin be the "fastest horse"? When the Fed imposed negative interest rates, savers were the biggest losers. The middle class hoards gold and silver, pushing prices up. Only the rich can afford Bitcoin, and the rich will realize that Bitcoin will become more and more valuable as the Federal Reserve prints trillions of dollars.

In addition to explaining a series of bottomless money printing and robbing depositors led by the Federal Reserve, he also told everyone that the middle class would choose to hoard gold and silver to preserve value and avoid future inflation risks. The real wealthy people do choose better investment targets. For example, Bitcoin, high-quality stocks, etc., high-quality assets with great potential for appreciation are invested in.

The result of this is that high-quality assets, led by Bitcoin, will become more and more valuable, and fiat currencies issued without a bottom line will become less and less valuable. And one of the more fatal problems is that a large proportion of the poor are precisely the losers on the side of savings. The result is that the poor will become poorer and the richer will become richer.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Forbes list of rich people. Why are the old Americans at the top? Why the world economy as a whole is so bad? Small businesses, hawkers, individuals, and workers are all complaining. Because what they are given is unemployment, no business to do, no source of income, or even nowhere to go, but what greets the rich on the list is an explosion of wealth.

I want to make the above paragraph a little more clear, but I dare not understand it, because it becomes sensitive when I understand it, and it is released.

I just want to tell the coin lovers a fact, that is, why is Bitcoin rising now? Why will it rise in the future?

Please pardon my weak English.


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