Do you have the courage to buy bitcoin now? I do not recommend my wife to do it

Do you have the courage to buy bitcoin now? I do not recommend my wife to do it

By Mister.D | MisterD | 30 May 2020



Bitcoin has risen so much, and it's so expensive. (IMO) Do you still dare to buy it? This problem has always plagued many people. When I communicated with my friends before, I could see their mentality. Their attitude towards me is "You bought it cheaper and if I buy now I will buy it so expensive. In case it falls, shall I not lose money!". So they have been watching. But bitcoin has been rising and rising in front of their eyes.

I never recommend anyone to buy Bitcoin. The price of this BTC is too complicated. No one can predict in the short term. I don't want to recommend it. There can be only one consequence. Others listened to my recommendation and it was his cleverness to rise. Falling is my recommendation. Everyone will hate me! Why do this stupid thing! I can't be responsible for other people's wallets. Especially in the short term.

Even my own wife, I do not recommend it. I would tell her regularly some bitcoin news to let her know the market conditions. As for whether to buy or not, let her decide independently and do not disturb her thoughts.

But my heart is still very clear. In the long run, the price of Bitcoin is upward. And it will rise a lot.

I often read other people's comments and think it has nothing to do with me. Because I already bought it. And the purchase price is much cheaper than it is now. But in the last few weeks, I suddenly felt that this has nothing to do with me? This is completely related to me! The reason is:

  • Although I started to buy it in 2014. Since then, it has been added regularly. Whenever the price is low, I have been buying. It was added several times earlier this year.
  • Is my bitcoin available? I don't think it's enough.
  • A house was sold in June this year. When considering how to use the funds recovered from the sale of the house, he once planned to buy all the funds into BTC. At that time, BTC was around $ 2500. Later he changed his mind. The reason is that it has been bought many times this year, each time it gets more expensive. Wait a minute! This is the word! The consequences are obvious! Otherwise, the amount of money can be more than doubled, unlike the money still lying in the bank. It turns out that I am also afraid of falling!

I often watch with a cold heart and see if my friends and relatives dare to buy bitcoin. But recently I want to understand that the question of whether or not to dare is the same for everyone. I am also included! Unless it is the number of BTC 6 digits you already own.

After trying to understand this truth, I bought BTC again more than ten days ago. And decided to strictly follow the established investment plan in the future.

Do you dare to buy BTC now? Tell me your thoughts! thanks for reading!


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