Did you miss the bitcoin opportunity? It might be your last!

Did you miss the bitcoin opportunity? It might be your last!

By Mister.D | MisterD | 18 Jun 2020

Some time ago, BTC and other tokens rose sharply. There were various discussions in the group. Some people regretted, some were glad, and some people analyzed the reasons. I remember more clearly that a more famous person said that he studied BTC very early. The reason why he missed it was that he was too familiar with it. In this industry (I understand it may be the Internet industry or even IT), I think this thing is not Reliable, it is impossible to go up, so I did not buy it.

At first glance, he feels very reasonable. He knows this very well. He sees through it, feels unreliable, and does not know whether it will rise in the future. Therefore, he considered it from a risk perspective, so he didn’t dare to start. To say:

Too low the IQ of his group of friends, he hid his ears and fooled himself.

For most people, the ability to make money is not good, but the ability to find reasons makes most people feel ashamed. If the research is really thorough, it should be possible to predict that BTC will rise in the future for a period of time, and even know when it is more appropriate to shoot. It should be because in this industry, close contact, but more opportunities than others to understand, you can earn a step ahead of other people, rather than because they are more familiar with the more afraid.

The more familiar and fearful examples are not without them, mainly because their ability is not enough to offset the risks they see.

For a new thing, it is normal to miss it. This is not a shameful thing, but we have to learn from it, sum up the rules, and improve our own abilities so that the next time such opportunities come, we will not miss.

For those who are more willing to humbly realize their own shortcomings, the closer they are, the more familiar they are, the better. For example, in this era of bitcoin, some bigwigs have said that if he is in this circle and contacts early, he will not earn this amount of money.

Why, the same bitcoin, one feels closer, more familiar, and more afraid; the other feels that the contact is late and misses many opportunities. The essence is the difference in ability, especially the ability to make money, the understanding of the essence of a new thing. You may think of it as an immutable distributed ledger, but others regard it as a commodity, a medium, a kind. . . Not to mention, sensitive.

This is the ability, they will grasp the opportunity sharply in the ups and downs, and take a steady shot.

It’s not terrible to miss, and it’s not disgraceful. What is disgraceful is not acknowledging your own problems.

Is it new to make money through the app when the smartphone comes? For those who have experienced sharing software, it is nothing new; if you think it is still fresh, what about WeChat applets? Is there any change compared to APP? If you just complain and find reasons for new wine in old bottles, you will miss it in the APP era, and you will also miss it in the small program era.

The humble person will always follow the development of the times and keep making money by copying; if you find a reason to complain, you will miss it again and again.

It’s not that you don’t have a chance, but that you are not capable enough to see it.

Because you always prove your ignorance afterwards.

For many missed things, we always like to find various reasons to prove how we missed them perfectly. This is also human nature, so the bottom of the pyramid is always a person who can never see the end.


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