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Bitcoin-a currency revolution, or something else?

By Mister.D | MisterD | 7 Jan 2021

In the past few years, the scenery has been infinite, that is "Bitcoin". It has always been entangled with wealth, scams and controversy. So what should we think of Bitcoin? Let's start with the following news.

In December 2018, the "Daily Economic News" published such a report, titled "1st Anniversary of the Fall of Bitcoin's Highest Point: The market value fell by 82.7%, and the mining machine sold."

On December 16, 2017, the overall market value of Bitcoin reached a record high, reaching 326.5 billion US dollars. December 15, 2018 happened to be the first anniversary, but in the past year, Bitcoin has been staggering, and the market value has never returned to this high point.

(Note: So far, it is higher than the peak two years ago (21000/unit, with a total market value of 326 billion US dollars, and the current total market value is 168 billion US dollars. As I wrote this article, Bitcoin began to stumble and fall again. Broken 9000/piece) fell by nearly 60%! Hold a large number of people, cut off a lot of leeks...)

Recently, a reporter from the "Daily Economic News" logged on the official website of the world's largest mining machine manufacturer-Bitmain, and found that once the speculation caused tens of thousands or even tens of thousands. The model has been reduced to less than one fold, with a minimum of only 300 yuan.

Ok, we will stop here for the news. The core message of this news about bitcoin price changes is "bitcoin price dive".  We summarized the four principles of understanding financial news beforehand-paying special attention to bad news, identifying experts' words, distinguishing investment and speculation, and returning to common sense. So, if we analyze this news according to these four principles, what should we think?

First of all, we can judge whether “bitcoin price diving” is good news or bad news. Secondly, what is the identity background of the expert interviewed and what are his interests? Can you tell whether buying Bitcoin is "investment" or "speculation"? If you still feel confused, please temporarily put down the impetuous state of mind and use the simplest common sense to help think.

Although we said that most of the news can be analyzed step by step with these four principles, but many times, you will find that you get stuck at the first step because you lack relevant professional knowledge. So, in order to help you analyze bitcoin better, here, I think it is necessary to sort out the basic knowledge related to currency. If you sharpen the woodworker, I believe that after you have a deeper understanding of the currency, you can not only see through the essence of Bitcoin, but also be more sensitive to the information hidden in the financial news.

Please pardon my weak English.


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