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Smoking inexorably harms human health. Yet a group of vapers consider smoking a healthy habit. It is obvious that abstinence for smokers is a fundamental step in reducing lung disease. Indeed, the electronic cigarette has in itself many disadvantages at the psychic and physical level of the human being. Therefore, its termination is essential for the assurance of life.

First, let's try to find out the benefits of this deprivation.
First, the development of some diseases is reduced after a long period of stopping. For example, heart attacks decrease, breathing becomes easier, blood circulation improves. And the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder and pancreas goes down.
Also, limiting the use of cigarettes helps to save money. This is how this currency can be used for other projects.
Finally, avoiding smoking is a positive thing for those around the smoker. In particular, this eliminates the risk of causing health problems to other people.
So, smoking is easy to overcome. Stopping it stops increasing the pathological symptoms. Getting away from nicotine, can stop the unlimited spending. As it can also preserve an inhabited environment.

However, persisting in smoking certainly has many bodily and psychological harm.
To begin with, nicotine addiction causes men to continue smoking: it is a source of pleasure and enjoyment.
Apart from the psychological drawbacks of smoking, this is also a physically disadvantageous aspect. Smoke ages the skin over time. This is the case with a man who has deep wrinkles and a grayish complexion.
Eventually, getting attached to this drug more and more ends up killing humans: the quality of life begins to deteriorate with sleep disturbances and difficult physical exertion.
So nicotine is not an effective use for health. It would be impossible to get rid of it. It changes the normal appearance of the skin and it ends for the smoker's life.

In conclusion, the danger of tobacco is not limited to a single factor contributing to death. The seduction of cigarettes always entails an effect of surprise when it comes to the joy of vapers. Thus, a harmful link is developed between the person and the cigarette. This report does not take long to transform human skin into an abnormal shape. Then, the final result surprises humans with one of the elusive causes of death, such as heart attack and other secondary illnesses. Let's not forget that quitting smoking can suppress financial crises, thus protecting those around you from any illness that may be caused by smoke as its primary cause.
So nicotine is not a useful way to get interested in it. On the other hand, it is a drug that we can certainly give up.

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Mirella Youssef
Mirella Youssef

Author and poet with several publications on My main scriptures are addressed to children. My books contain morals for each story. Finally, I write in three different languages: Arabic, French and English.

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