The beetle predicament

By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 11 Jul 2019

351665157-4645961500b2f9593b4b0a2453e2462b4e49c64833bfa80cec357709cfc88b5e.jpegI reached a revolation simply.

Basically one beetle comes to thrive in the desert during monsoon season to mate and die. Me I questioned why. Are the monsoons a creation of weather patterns or biological systems. The bugs no doubt create a smell during this time. Is that beetle a byproduct of the weather or weather a byproduct of the beetle. It is mating season and life cycle ending all at once what is a pharmoan do or decay do to the ecosystem.

To put this in terms of bitcoin

If a Erc20 where to die. Would it help the ecosystem or cause a chain reaction that causes wealth and prosperity. The answer is. That a coin should always compliment a coins ecosystem. Creating a world currency would decide a generations success. This would be done by individuals jobs and heritage. If a group benefits a product or inovation. That product should have its hands in all complimentary fields. Once a theoretical monopoly is made then that currency has true worth. So now take all erc20 tokens what compliments and destroys the purpose of ethereum. 

When you do this product and vision come to life.

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Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

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