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By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 6 Jul 2019

So I have been reading that this is the year of doge. Here's what I think.. doge is very influential coin. It is a very cheap coin that many vendors take due to its popularity.

You can use doge for cloud mining, for investing in those 100% on your investment sites, you can mine doge, you can gamble doge, survey cash is doge worthy, and there are faucets also you can purchase directly with doge.


With the many facets of doge it can be used with little regard for how much or how many you can put into a project. You can test waters for a larger more substantial investment. 

In the future you might wanna invest in other alt coins for this same mantality.. A doge may or may not grow in the future but it has every single token worth of a eth,btc,bch it is worth time and effort for the above mentioned M antality above. You are quick to catch scams without draining your pockets and 9-10 times people accept less doge than any other big name coin. And unlike ethereum you don't need 12x12 confirmations. The coin typically reaches your sites faster with less complication.


So if the predictions are true. Invest more in alt coins in case doge does hit a pinochle and invest in doge for a rise in the coin.. if you have a few hundred as a what if coin just like hydro or bounty then testing the parameters of the system can truly be measured in a fraction of a cent.

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Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

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