All hail in #683 koa

By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 5 Jul 2020

Today the sovereign United nation hosted the kingdom vs kingdom in Avalon. A battle waged in early morning in the states. Together lords and ladies waged war against kingdom #291. With many heavy hitters biding for the 683 crown. It looked as though 683 would not have its heavy hitters show up. While the kingdom rushed to Avalon Lady Lorilai rushed in flying the sun flag of the nations reclaiming Avalon and removing the mega garrison in place by rival 291. When the dust settled being the lady of the lake. Lorilai passed the crown to the open arms of guardian pheonix. Truly dreams are fulfilled. Becoming the 17th ruler of Avalon. The people wait for the kings royal decree and appointing the knights and jesters of the realm..together kingdom 683 has a new dream and the sun shines on us all.

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Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

What Jupiter is like and how to get there.

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