Mobile Mining Guide (VERY LONG) - Updates On Projects in First Article and New Mining Apps Added!

Mobile Mining Apps - Updated


The first part in the article of the first release is taken away here to not get this article massive. The first part do you find here. Otherwise is the updates on every project just written below the the heading of every specific project.
The new mining apps is added further down below every original project listed in the first article released. 

*Next to in every project get we both rewarded by the use of referral link.

New! FireFly Network, this is one of the newer mining apps released. I can't find any information about the project yet or I'm just a bad Googler. If someone finds more information about the project, please let me know!. The app is located on Google Play and I don't think the app is released yet on App Store. This could be something or not, the future will let us know. 

Update: No new update on this project yet. 

You want to be a early bird and collect as many FireFly's as possible?. Use invitation code: ralle1212


Metaminers Network, In this app you mine MNC a crypto listed on exchange already!. I have written an article about the project, click here to read it and click here to read the whitepaper.  To get additional information about this NFT Metaverse on their website click here.

Update: The NFT Metaverse has begun for real, NFT staking for MNC rewards is active. The second NFT staking period is not for MNC rewards but instead you'll earn Doge!, start to mine MNC and perhaps you can buy a NFT to next NFT staking period. Otherwise can you buy MNC at an exchange for example FatBTC. The NFTs bought for staking do you always keep and can be staked every time a new NFT staking period starts. Read more about the NFT staking here

To download this app, get to the website and scan the QR-code for your operation system.  Invitation code: 06U4G


Pi Network, this is one of the mining apps most are similar with as the app have grown tremendously, the user count is now nearly 20 million. Pi has a big community and  a very developing one. The ecosystem of Pi Network is growing at a fast pace, the blockchain, the nodes and the wallet everything is nearly complete and ready to start. Pi is scheduled to launch in the end of this year or early next one. If yoyu want to read more about Pi Network click here and if you want to read the whitepaper click here.   

Update: Pi Hackathon is live and workshops how to utilize Pi Payments, Pi SDK and Pi Sandbox. 

New users can still "mine" Pi, but soon wont be able to, want to start earning Pi? download the app on google play or apps store and use invitation code: Rallee


One Network, this is one I got some believes in. I only find the website their you register your number for ONE to be able to mine it. Click here to proceed to it.

Update: The roadmap for ONE Network is comprehensive with high goals. ONE is a part of VIKIONE and you need to register on their website or download the app to read the whitepaper. But the main point is that ONE Super Network is and going to be implemented in many sectors of life and the economic model for ONE is planned for ten years with experts in the field.

The planned release of ONE Coin is dated December 2022 that's along time left. But that's just good news for the 16 million miners of ONE because of the main goal of releasing ONE at a price of $1 and I can tell you this I have mined ONE for perhaps 4-5 months and I have over 2,000 ONE Coins. Everyone who jumps on the train now will have a great future if the project succeed.

Use invitation code: rallee


Bee network, For additional information click here and to read whitepaper click here.  

Feel hungry to mine Bee?, use invitaion code: rasmusandersson

Update: Bee Network Browser Beta is soon launching. The browser is a good tool for the developers to to test Bee Network applications in. 


Alpha Network, you want to know more click here to go to their website and click here to read the whitepaper.

You want to get some free Alpha and start to mine, download the app and use invitation code: Rallee

Update: New partnership with Planets & Meteors (The first use case of Alpha Coin!) and All Day Games (Mobile Gaming Studio). Devs also announced that Iphone app is in internal testing and the wallet infrastructure has been built, they also adding that more features will be added to the mining app soon!


Eagle Mining Network, to go to their website click here, to read the whitepaper click here.

You want to get 10 free eagles and start to mine, download the app and use invitation code: rallee

Update: Eagles will be possible to withdraw and stake in August!, long.term holders can activate bulk miner for BUSD different plans is in place. You can not withdraw everything in August you must stake the eagles first then it's algorithm for the withdraw only let you withdraw 5-10% every 30 days.  Not letting the max supply hit the market directly and keep value to the Eagle Coin. 


Gemini Network, to read more about the project and how to mine Gemini Coin click here. To read the whitepaper click here

Update:  The current mining rate is 0.8 GNC/h but will get lower in 1-2 month or even earlier depending on how many new people starting to mine GNC. The mining rate is based on how many people mining GNC. 

You want to mine Gemini Coin's? Download the app and use invitation code: razzemaiden


CoKu Network, to read more about the project click here. Whitepaper, not to be found. 

Update: CoKu is now listed on JustSwap and at the moment the price is $0,0001 per CoKu Coin! 

Invitation code: nTTOjaciINQF91UnQhUry5TaXD62


Ant Network, to read more about the project click here, to get to the whitepaper click here

You want some Ant's and start to mine?, use invitation code: rallemaiden

Update: New staking system is in place!

TimeStope, to read more about the project click here. To read the whitepaper click here.

Update: New update of the app is postpone due to lockdown rules where the app is developed. 

You want to collect time?. Download the app and use Invitation code: rallee


Spotter Network, this is one in early stages you can watch adds several times a day to mine SP in a short time. The adds is necessary in the beginning to keep the project running according to devs. 

Update: Whitepaper released, Spotter is a DPoS blockchain with it's goal to integrate the token SP and the PDoS blockchain in the sector of logistics

To get to Spotter Networks website click here.

You want to be a Spotter? Get one SP to start with when using invitation code: ralle12


Remint, the real estate cryptocurrency! now able to be mined, a plus is that it's a public team behind the project and they are Swedish (like myself). To go to their website click here

Update: Is still very new the app was released April 21th but the whitepaper is released and website updated. 

To get some free Remint and start mine use invitation code: 08ZARS43


The New Mining Apps Added


ELKA Network: this is a mining app with it's token ELKA a ERC-20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. The process of claiming ELKA is simple but rather hurtful. In the app is it a heart in the middle you can push the heart every third minute. The good part about this is that you can get a lot of ELKA if you're devoted another good part it that you get more ELKA every 100th time you claim. To simply this, when you start you're getting 1x1 ELKA per click when you have done that 100 times you get 2x1 ELKA per click ans so on. This reaches a maximum level of 50 by that you get 50x1 ELKA per click. The mining rate will be lowered in phase one to 0.5 for example 23x0.5 in phase two it will be lowered to 0.1.

You can also heart up, the power up is the 1 if you look above this means if you power up for example you get 23x2 instead of 23x1. This upgrade cots 30,000 ELKA and you can also power up which is the same process describes above when you level up each 100th time that upgrade costs 10,000 ELKA. The whitdrawel of ELKA is live and by first August can you only withdraw one time a month and the minimum whitdrawel is 250,000 ELKA. You can swap ELKA on UniSwap for other tokens, ELKA is not listed yet but will be in the end of 2021 or early 2022. You can download the app on Google Play and App Store.

ELKA Network Twitter here. To get to their website/blog click here.

Use invitation code: ELKA26385 


M2 Network: Is a mining app and a gaming ecosystem their users can build their of ecosystems or build together. You can complete different missions to earn M2 tokens and of course you'll earn M2 tokens from the mining itself. The goal for the future is to build a fully decentralized node network. When the app reaches 10 million users will the production of M2 stop and no more M2 tokens will be created. The mining rate will be lowered by the factor of ten this means that every time the number of active users increases by ten the mining rate will be halved. Example 0-10,000 full mining rate and when the number active users reaches 100,000 the mining rate is halved 10,000 x 10 = 100,000.  To get to M2 Network's website click here.

M2 has no value yet. The M2 tokens will get value when M2 Network is going from centralization to decentralization. You can download the app on Google Play and App Store.

You can use invitation code: Ralle12


Ding Coin:  is a new mineable crypto on BSC which has five phases in it's roadmap. The first phase is the phase we're in now and it's just the release of the mining app and starting the distribution of Ding Coins. Phase two is the opening of web portal (I guess website, because it's a countdown on it). Phase three is to transfer an internal Din Coin inside the Ding Coin Network. Phase four is a release of it's own wallet and phase five is that Ding Coin gets listed on Binance and other top 10 exchanges, this last phase is dated to December 2022. The mining rate now is 0.8 Ding Coin/h the next halving is when the users reaches 100,000 and the mining rate is lowered to 0,6 Ding Coin/h. Their website opens July 31th and the source of information and updates on the project is posted here.

You need to verify yourself now or later on do really get access to your Ding Coins thru the KYC process inside the app just like Pi Network. You can download the app on Google Play.

You can use invitation code: 60f14dbfea0a2


DLX Coin: It's a crypto you can mine for 2 hours at a time. The mining rate is currently 1 DLX/h. You can convert your DLX Coins to USD, one DLX is equal to $0,01. You can buy hashrate for USD the minimum buy is 10 hashpower (hashrate) which means you need 10,000 DLX to get 10 USD . The goal or purpose of the project is hard to figure out it has to do with investing and Bitcoin and in some way this DLX Coins will help you to invest/get Bitcoins. It's very blurry but I have nothing to loose by mining it peacefully. To get to their website click here and maybe you can figure out what the projects purpose is.  

You can use invitation code: ralle12


CowCow: Is a mobile blockchain mining reward platform and Cow is the native token you get rewarded in. Cow is a Klaytn-based token and they using this kind of standard because of transactions speed and to mitigate the barriers to enter blockchain based rewarding games. The goal is to collect stovers in the game which can be collected for walking around (using GPS and stovers is on specific locations) or you can look at an advertisement for around 30 sec - 1 minute to get one stover. The stovers is required to get the cow to walk and grow. The wallet is finished inside CowCow app but the wallet is linked to Klip wallet so you will need Kakao Klip app installed and link it  with CowCow. 

The whole landscape of CowCow will evolve further to farming and other feature. NFTs is a big part of this blockchain-based game to the NFTs can be bought and you can get special NFTs not for sale as an airdrop every week in a special location announced by CowCow (This function using GPS to).  Even more blockchain rewarding games will be released under CowCow's ecosystem in the future. To read more about the project and access the whitepaper proceed to their website here.

You can use invitation code: 2VBR35


Exenox: Blockchain powered smartphone ecosystem. You running a miner which uses Proof of Relevance (PoR) and it's not using the mobiles resources just Exenox servers. You are able to to stake EXNX tokens you mine for further rewards. The EXNX token is a TRC20 standard token which means it's running on Tron Network. The EXNX token is now on BSC to making much more possibilities  for the token in a usage context. Instead of staking your mined EXNX tokens can you put them in a vault to generate ExG tokens which is used as gas (transaction fee) for the miner. It's needed for withdrawals, transfers to vault, staking even verification of airdrops etc. To go to their website click here.

The miner/node is free for a specific duration of time after that do you need to purchase a node for EXNX tokens there is a lot of different nodes in different price ranges.

You can use invitation code: ralle12



Mining Apps Added From Articles


TTcoin: This is a TRC20 tokens on Tron Blockchain and has over 550,000 active miners in just 1,5 month the token is already listed on JustSwap. I have written an article about the project here.  When you are following the referral link (we both get rewarded) you have to click on the link with your phone, you get redirected to Google Play directly and my referral code is active by that (Thank You).

To download TTcoin and start to mine TC click here.   


MetaMiners Network:  This is a multi-chain NFT ecosystem and in the app can you mine the native token MNC, you earn from both mining and bounty mining. The MNC token is already listed on DEX:es and Exchanges. The first campaign of NFT staking started just a few days ago the NFT staking after this current one is the reward Dogecoin instead of MNC tokens which it is in this first NFT staking campaign. I have written an article about the project here I have also written an update article about the NFT staking program, click here to read it. 

You can use Referral code: 06U4G (Thank you!)


POMO Protocol: is a decentralized gaming platform on Tron for developers and users. Read more about POMO here. You can also mine POMO tokens and you can download the app on Google Play.

You can use invitation code: B6RACBD1 


BILLG Coin: Is a coin for everyone and thrive to be as decentralized as possible. You can read an article about the project here.

You can use invitation code: ralle12


CronBit: This is project in early Beta, this means a lot of time collecting as much tokens as possible!. Now is the wallet under contruction and the mining consists if watching advertisement which you can do 10-15 times a day to get 100 coins per advertisement. There is also a lottery every 48 hours with a pot of 10,000 coins and there is five winners per lottery, you collect tickets the same way as coins. Read my article about CronBit here.  

You can use invitation code: YM4G6WVAXDU and you get 500 coins!


TriCoin: This is a simple miner you can claim every fourth hour and at the same time do you start a new mining cycle. This is a crypto made by an Indian team with an impressive roadmap with lots of features adding on in every phase. Everything from NFTs, bots, DEX integration, cross-chain, gaming and much more. Who knows this could be the crypto of India! Read more about TriCoin in this article here.

To enter with my referral link you have to enter the link via phone, click here to proceed to Google Play for download of the app.



As always thank you for reading and all support!




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