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Honeyminer - Simple BTC miner, easy to use.



So awhile back a came across Honeyminer in my search of using the most of my computer and start to earn crypto just while sleeping. Honeyminer is a program you download  on your computer with a simple interface looking like this. It's a good beginner tool to start with.

honey in a pot, as it should be!


The settings are simple with Honeyminer you can choose if you want only your CPU or GPU mine or why not both. To not interrupt while you while using your computer it has a nice setting that turn off the miner while computer is in use and start when not. Therefore you don't have to bother stopping or starting it which it's easy to forget. You can also choose if you want Honeyminer to start when computer starts up. The function I'm the most fan of is that Honeyminer continues in tray and don't need to be up as an application.

My use of it:

I have Honeyminer running on just CPU while I GPU mine ETH, the nice thing with it is that Honeyminer don't reduce the hashrate of my ETH mining. Why not maximize my earnings? It may not make you rich but my thought are if I run it I earn a little BTC which I can use for Fees and a bonus is also if the value of BTC goes up further which increase my earnings even further.

Also if you refer someone you get 10% of the the shares and if that person refer someone you get 5% of that shares. The person you refer gets 1.000 Satoshis to start with aslo. In my opinion you can use Honeyminer as I do, then refer yourself if you have a second computer or laptop to get the most of Honeyminer. 

If you want to try Honeyminer your welcome to use my referral link:  and get you get 1.000 Satoshis aswell.


Thank you for reading!


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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

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