Game Mail a Part Of GameChain a New Blockchain For NFT Gaming Were Your Mail Is An NFT, Get 100 FREE OniGiri Tokens And Mine More From The App!+ More Opportunities!

GameChain - A Blockchain For NFT Gaming 


I recently found this project called NieFan Tuan, which is an app there you mine OniGiri Tokens and I'm a big fan of mining apps so there was a no brainer for me to start mining this to. But there was something different about this project as there was no such app as "NieFan Tuan" or an app called "OniGiri" for that matter. The link sended me to a website called and this was the moment I realized I had runed into something more than just another mining app. This was more than that more than just puhing a button every 24th hour to mine more.

This was a decentralized blockchain based email also which was based on the GameChain blockchain and the domain for the email was @game. So I will tell you all about GameChain, the blockchain based email domain and NieFan Tuan were you mine OniGiri tokens.



GameChain - what Is It?

So what is really this GameChain, well we know that it is a new blockchain that will be fully released in 2022. This new blockchain has target an area which had alot of focus on it in 2021 and its of course the Metaverse  and with that comes a big of focus on NFTs too. GameChain themselves  describes its blockchain "It's the world's most active NFT game mainnet and will surely be the world's largest blockchain mainnet". Thats quite a big supposition and the future will determine if they reach this big goal. I think the blockchain world needs this as GameChain focuses on the gamification and utility of NFTs. We will see if this blockchain will fill a utility or not in the already massive blockchain world. - Blockchain Mail and its app "Game Mail" is a blockchain-based, builded on the GameChain if my understanding is correct. The app is also the a "Application center" in which you to connect to "NieFan Tuan" were you mine OniGiri which I will tell more about under the next headline, you also find other apps inside here like GameBox, NFT Points, Wallet and a Browser!. GameBox is an application were you can connect to third-party platforms to play games other games will have its own apps inside the Game Mail app. GameBox is an application coming soon and it's not released yet either is the integrated Wallet, NFT Points or the Browser all these applications inside the Game Mail app is yet to come. 

When you download the app you will start with making your mail which will have the domain @game. You can create a free mail, this mail can not be shorter then 6 digits/letters if you don't choose to create a VIP mail. The VIP mail is subscription based and will cost you around 20 bucks a year if you choose to only pay for one year but if you pay for 20 years directly it will cost you about 200 bucks. The VIP mails has higher base mining rate in the NieFan Tuan application were you mine OniGiri you aslo collect NFT points daily, how many depends on how many years you pay upfront for this VIP mail. You get 100 NFT points daily if you choose to pay for one year but if you pay for 20 years directly you get 1000 NFT points daily. This NFT points when you reach enough can be traded for digital assets from third-party collaborators every VIP mail gets its own NFT too.  You can connect and have multiple email accounts, you can easily integrate your other email-accounts and have an easy access to all just from one app!.

You will thru the VIP mail also get a larger storage and you will also be able to attach larger files to your e-mails. So for everyone believe in this project there is a big plus to get this VIP mail.


NieFan Tuan - OniGiri Mining

The last integrated application I will talk about in the Game Mail app is NieFan Tuan the application you mine OniGiri in, a new cryptocurrency. If OniGiri is its own cryptocurrency on GameChain and a separate application from GameChain itself or Game Mail is unclear. But it surly has something to do with it as it is for now the only application working inside the Game Mail app and exist from scratch in the app.

However do you get 100 FREE OniGiri tokens to start with if you use the invitation code "rallemaiden" when you create your account at the Game Mail app. This is a nice add-on as the base mining rate of OniGiri is only 0.1 OniGiri tokens per hour which also will decrease as more users joins. There is currently around 17 000 users as of now as Game Mail as well as OniGiri mining is very new to the market. Don't hesitate to board the boat now as you will never get this high mining rate and if you don't want to pay just choose the free mail as you can still mine OniGiri. You have nothing to loose by creating a new mail and push a button every 24th hour as this is a very exiting project to in the industry of "Mobile Mining".

Game Mail Website: Click Here

Game Mail App On Google Play: Click here

Game Mail App On App Store: Click Here



A Few Other Great Opportunities Worthy To Explore


Cheatmoon - This is yet another Mobile Mining application which has over 300K users as of now and has only been on Google Play and App Store for a few months. In this app can you which you could guess mine Cheatmoon tokens and as of now do you get the mining rate of 20/h, in other words 20 Cheatmoon tokens per hour. The rate will decrease to 10/h when users count reaches 500K.  Cheatmoon uses a it's own blockchain with a new consensus called Che-IT.

Use Invitation code: Rallee and get 10 Cheatmoon tokens for free.

Link to app on Google Play: Click Here

Link to app on App Store: Click Here

Website: Click here


ComingChat - This is a intresting project and the app has it's own integrated Web3 wallet, a decentralized end-to-end encrypted chat-service and the SherpaX miner were you mine ComingChats upcoming crypto KSX for free. ComingChat is creating it's own metaverse which you will access thru ComingChat app. The major utility of ComingChat's metaverse is the encrypted private chat, the integrated Web3 wallet, digital identity, NFT creation platform and other smart mini-programs such as a dApp developer platform and a Web3 browser. 

The mining rate is based on a base mining rate + a NFT bonus. You can already in one of the integrated dApps called "Comfuture" buy different NFTs from other users to boost the mining rate and you have a lot of opportunities to win and get NFTs in other ways to this early in the project. Every ComingChat account has its own CID, a number which is unique for your account and will be your ID and digital identity. This can be personalized and is requires a transaction cost, read more about that here.

ComingChat is based on its own blockchain called MiniX, the blockchain explorer can be found here.

Create your own ComingChat Account and CID for free and start to acquire KSX rewards for FREE!, and collect NFTs for greater rewards and opportunities in the future!

You can proceed to the website and download the app as an apk-file: here


Gami NFT- This is a mining app were you mine the projects token thru ordinary "Mobile Mining" as well as you can watch up to 5 advertisements a day to get even more. This project has some serious partners like MoonLift Capital, Roseon, GamiFi, Matic Launchpad, Starter and Refinable.

This is a gaming project with a main focus on NFTs, you can read more about the gameplay on their website. The project will aslo have some DeFi-solution and is not only based on the game and the NFTs in it. Get in and get some FREE tokens while you're able to!

You can use the invitation code: GeCXNmieolYU and download the app: HERE on Google Play (The app is not available on App Store and by that not accessible for iPhone users)

Gami's Webiste do you find: Here









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mining technologies, new crypto projects
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