Fanadise - Worlds First Creator NFT Platform With Premiun Content, stake tokens to earn NFTs! - Get Your Share Of The Airdrop!

Fanadise - Worlds First Creator NFT Platform With Premiun Content, stake tokens to earn NFTs! - Get Your Share Of The Airdrop!

Fanadise, Exclusive Platform Made For NFTs


What Is Fanadise?

Fanadise is a platform for creators especially influencers to make their own NFT:s and get payments for it. This is done whiteout corporations or any other involvement. This is where the creators meets the buyers, it's a true decentralized platform just for the creators, buyer and holder. They will especially come around that anyone else excepts the creator should get the payment, the corporations time is over to always have a finger in the game in every part of our daily life.


What do the platform offer?

The platform offers a lot of  services, it's just not a platform for a creator to sell their NFT and for the buyer to buy one. The offer their own token $FAN. It's a token with endless possibility's and is truly needed to get access to all functions of the platform.  The $FAN token offers:


- Stake FAN coins to have a higher chance of getting a NFT, the longer you stake the more NFTs!

- You can buy moments (in Instagram you can upload up pictures of a special moment that you can see for 24h for example). This is only available to buy with $FAN coins

- Subscriptions level you only get access to if you hold FAN coins

- Subscriptions cheaper while using FAN coins

- Stake Fan coins or provide liquidity not to only get a higher chance get rewarded in NFTs , you get rewarded in more FANS coins to. This do that you by time getting more likely to get rewarded in NFTs

- FanUP your NFTs a feature only unlockable with FAN coins

- Airdrops only for influncer pool stakers

- Take part in lottery to get a chance of winning FAN coins and NFTs


As you see the FAN token/coin has a lot of different possibilities, the token unlock the heavens to get NFTs by various influencers. This Platform is one of a kind.

Don't miss out of the airdrop of 500 000 $FAN tokens, everyone that participate is getting some, just finish the KYC and start collecting tickets, the more tickets, the more tokens! If you want I would be happy if you used my link to register ---> 



Thank you for reading!

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mining technologies, new crypto projects

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