CatStar, The Next Generation Social Metaverse With Genesis NFTs For Early Adopters - Get Free CAT Tokens Now! (Become Supernode and get weekly salary in USDT)

CatStar - A Innovative Metaverse featuring Genesis NFTs, Supernodes, SocialFi Built Upon The CAT Token!


CatStar is a new innovative network relatively new, soon having 1 million users which means halving of the rewards you get from the cloud mining. But don't fear you're still an early adopter and will have a good chance of acculumate lots of CAT-tokens (ChatAnyToken) and also getting a genesis-NFT whic

h which comes in different scarcity, which of them highly valued. '

The network also featuering a Social feature with an upcoming metaverse where you will be able to use the NFTs, each region will also have 21 supernodes. So let's say were I come from whcih is Sweden, will have 21 supernodes then USA will have 21 and so on. You can able to be a supernode which will give you a weekly salary in USDT depending on your position of the 21 supernodes. I will tell you all about CatStar, it's token CAT and the network itself and how it's working below. 


About CatStar

CatStar is as told an upcoming metaverse built upon the CAT-token which is shortened for ChatAny Token. It will be a virtual social platform, a next generations metaverse that supports global users to make friends, as the whitepaper says "live and entertain without borders". It's a location-based-service so you can find friends nearby yourselves. As many people are lonely and after the pandemic is this is a good incentive I think. Everyone will be ale to interact with each other in their own languages  as the system will have a automatic language translator. This platform will in the end be a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), this to achieve decentralized governance.

They will issue a whole 80% of the token-supply to users mining it within the app, the other 20% will be locked for long-term incentives. The project will also have a buyback-program of the CAT-token were they buy it back for 0.01$, myself has already mined soon 400 CAT in two days. So the buyback-program in the future could give you some good cash!. The mining rate gets lowered as more users join the network, there is total of soon 900 000 users mining CAT and next halving will happen when the network reaches 1 million users, so hurry up and grasp some good rewards in CAT before that.

Users that holds more than 1 million CAT and have more than 100 referrals will get a genesis CAT-NFT, which will have good benefits like supernode dividends, rest of us ordinary humans can buy CAT-NFTs in batches that are released regularly, in a first come serve basis

About SuperNodes

Each region will have 21 superodes, so as told will your "country" have 21 supernodes, these will get salary depending on the position amongst those 21 supernodes, the salary will come in USDT(Stablecoin) and the supernode ranked one getting whole 100 USDT per week, the it becomes lesser and lesser for those behind the first one. Everybody can apply of being a supernode for it's region "country" if you fulfill the requirement of having minimum 50 referrals. Being a supernode, will pay you highly!.


Join The CatStar And Mine Free CAT

You can join CatStar by registering by this link HERE first, after that can you download the app from Google Play HERE.

You can do it yourself also and manually use my invitation code: RE83C8

You will below find the roadmap and an image of the UI (User Interface) where you start the mining of CAT.

The RoadMap

(In horizontal order)



Images From The App




Some other tips were you will get some free crypto!

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