Gods Unchained, a decentralized competitive card game

Gods Unchained, a decentralized competitive card game

Hello everybody,


if you like tactical card games and crypto? you'll gonna love this card game called Gods Unchained. the game is a free to play blockchain-based game and it runs on the ethereum blockchain. there is no investments needed. but! you still need a active wallet for the game to link whit. i personaly would choose between metamask or coinbase wallet. because whenever you win, you'll be rewarded in raffle tokens.


 what are raffle tokens? click here to find out.


 Each win earns you raffle tokens that can be used to enter a giveaway, or sell them on third-party markets.card packs contains five Gods Unchained Genesis cards, each a unique Ethereum ERC721 token and crypto-collectible. This means that you have complete ownership over every card you own from packages you bought, just as if it were physically printed. only this time you wont have to be scared by playing them beautiful cards ^^


Unpacking a card pack is still the same when it comes to the rarity's involved. there's only one thing that i really mis tho ^^ and that's the smell of a new pack of cards when you open up one. O.M.G do i love that smell :D

So owning card doesn't make you stronger. for the game provides the player with plenty of cards to create a card deck for playing a great tactical card game.

PLaying a mach of Gods Unchained

the games are turned based. you'll each start with 30 life points. above that you can choose the power for your god, so choose wisely. then the game reveals your starting hand and you will recieve 4 cards. when your in this fase, you can swap or keep the cards. and the match can start.


win a game and you will be rewarded with packs and raffle tokens and above all experience. as a player of this game you'll be able to earn ethereum for selling your raffle tokens with a smart contract on the following website


this site https://gu.cards/ linked to gods unchained where u can buy packs or trade cards or buy and sell raffle tokens true smart contracts and the price per raffle token at this point is 0,0000090 ethereum.


or if your in just for fun and love card games on its own there's always the trade option. 


Gods Unchained is a new competitive trading card game backed by Coinbase and led by the former Director of Magic the Gathering: Arena. The cards are real world tradable in an open economy, remember their stats and history, and you'll be able to play for keeps and earn valuable cards. Gods Unchained is free to play and currently in beta. You need to be invited to get in, but if you're interested in trying it you're welcome to use my beta key!



i'm about to start a game  ^^ so untill we meet again leave a comment? and don't forget to click that follow button.


love, peace and happy hunting


crypto explorer/ enthousiast and interested in everything life has to offer.

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