Internet Computer (ICP) going upwards

By minimalist | minimalist | 10 May 2021

Guys, I think it is time to invest in this one.

Since today you can buy via Coinbase Pro. For example, using BTC that you can transfer freely between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro.

It started today around 0.011 BTC.

It then crashed. I bought at 0.0055 BTC.

It went further down to around 0.0045 BTC (ouch).

Since then it is going up - now 0.0071 (see above screenshot).

I love this token. I think it has very high potential. High risk though. It could become something truly ground breaking. Or no one talks about it in a year, who knows. But for now it is going up!

Edit: Binance (not a referral link) just announced to add it tonight.

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