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Interested in football? Why not join the world's oldest club?

By minimalist | minimalist | 9 Apr 2021

Did you ever think football (or soccer, if you prefer) has been spoiled by money?

If not, check this out: . The 245 comments say it all (commenting had to be suspended).

But not all of football revolves around money. A little-known club in England called Sheffield FC sticks to its roots. It is the oldest independent football club in the world, founded in 1857. They even helped shape the very rules of the game (e.g., free kicks, corners, handball, throw-ins).

They now have men’s, women’s, girls and boys as well as disability teams, and will be offering eSports soon.

They recently launched a new website. According to their first monthly newsletter, released today, "2000 new members from 50 countries have signed up in the last month".

Interested in becoming a member? It is free.

As Pele put it, when visiting Sheffield FC in 2007, "whether you support Bolton Wanderers or Boca Juniors, you can still support the world's oldest football club."





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