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Passion for football + special fan + NFT + profit = Jetcoin

By PsyDoc | Mindsetprofit | 21 Dec 2021

How is a football star born? Well, here in Brazil most of them born in very poor communities, they are called “favelas”, most of these places are dominated by organized crime groups that make money from drug dealing or works like a mafia controlling and making money with the services that are offered for the people who lives there. The condition to a child develops the full physical and intellectual potential is very low, because they don’t have access to a good education and a correct nutrition. In this context, many children and adolescents try to enter to a football team, this could change their lives forever, but the selection is brutal and only a few succeed. There are a lot of people that invest in new players, they pay all costs from a kid to live in other city to try to enter on a team and help their family with financial support, but if the new player signs a contract with a big team they could make a life-changing money with a percentage of the contract. The scouts search and identifies these potential players, it is not an easy task, they look in small soccer competition all over the places and find the most talented ones.

Jetcoin Institute kind of do the scout job, mediator, investor and booster of the career of new talents. And they provide you both an opportunity to profit and became a special fan of giving access to exclusive content for these emerging talents and receive part of their earnings. As a fan you can buy NFTs cards of your favorite players and get access to Jetcoins and exclusive rewards.

To connect with the football fans the Jetcoin Institute is doing an interesting marketing strategy. They sponsorship the ChievoVerona and Hellas Verona Football Club, both are from Italy. In England, they put banners advertises on the English Premier League, the Wigan Athletic Football Club and Derby County Football Club got the Jetcoin logo on theirs’s shirt. These countries are very passionate for football and there is no better place to connect with football fans than to be inside the courts.

To know more about Jetcoin, check their website:

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