How I started investing

Ever since I was little I have always been saving money. As a teenager I have been using a mutual fund. Every month an amount of money automatically went into my savings account and into the fund. A few years ago I sold everything that had been built up in the fund and added it to my savings.

Less than a year ago I started looking into investing again in order to make my money work for me. Before I started, I first made sure that I gained knowledge. I quickly noticed that mindset is important. Never lose money. What you absolutely shouldn’t do is put all your money at once in something that has increased in value and sell everything again when it is decreased.

I have learned that spreading is very important. I have ETFs, gold, commodities, real estate (as an ETF), bonds and crypto. Within the ETFs, there is again a diversification in regions and markets. I came up with a plan and I stick to this as much as possible. I buy a little every month.

The largest part is on DEGIRO. DEGIRO has low costs. I use the limit order here. If after a month what I want to buy hasn’t dipped enough to be automatically purchased by the limit order, I buy it for the market value. Often there is a dip somewhere in the month so that I can buy cheaper. Everything I have here is for a period of at least 25 years. I want to avoid having to keep incurring costs.

A few months later I started with crypto on Bitvavo. Bitvavo has low costs and good security. I also use the limit order here. It stays there until I buy in a dip or until I sell a part of my crypto with an interesting margin. I started with a low budget. For example, I bought some Bitcoin when the price was €25,000.00 and it sold again at €50,000.00. Then bought back at €40,000.00. I also have Etherium. I tried swing trading for a while, but that cost me too much time and energy. I have made some purchases, such as VeChain Thor, Cardano and Waves. In the current dip I bought Enjin, Texos and FTX Token based on the information I found about them.

Furthermore, I started on Coinbase for the free rewards. And I've also created a account that I need to look into further.

My favorite discovery is hi Dollar. Here you can get one hi Dollar daily for answering a simple question. You need a referral: k1360uinu. In the meantime I have bought some hi Dollar myself and I participate in the liquidity pool. I personally find this a very interesting project.

I'm also looking into a few things right now:

A new post will follow as soon as I know more. If you find this interesting, follow me. And if you have any advice for me or something interesting to investigate, I'd love to hear it. Thank you!

This isn’t advice. It's what I've done. Do your own research!

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I explain investing, mindset and crypto in an easy way and post about what I learn about crypto myself.

Mindset, investing and crypto.
Mindset, investing and crypto.

Hello, Awesome to be here and read so many amazing posts! I hope to learn a lot here. I am going to write about mindset, investing and crypto. I will share my knowledge and the new things I learn about crypto. I'm going to keep it simply. I like to keep it understandable for everyone. I hope you like it and learn something from it. That's my goal. If that sounds interesting to you, follow me. Greetings!

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