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hi Dollar is an interesting cryptocurrency. During my research I actually only encountered positive signals. hi Dollar is co-founded by Stefan Rust (former CEO of and Sean Rach (former Chief Marketing Officer of So there are big names involved. What's also interesting is that hi is a non-profit organization.

You can get 1 hi Dollar for free every day (as long as it lasts). You need a referral. You can use mine: k1360uinu. Thank you in advance!

Once you have signed up, you can start earning. Answer a simple question every day and you will get 1 hi Dollar at a time. Once you invite friends, you get half of their earnings. At the moment the value of hi Dollar is about one Dollar. You can earn a nice amount quickly. These hi Dollars will be released after 1 year. KYC needs to be completed in order for release after 1 year.

You can also buy hi Dollar. You can buy for approximately 40% of the market price and then it wil be released over a periode of 4 years. When you buy at market price, you can stake it for 90 days at 25% up to 40% for 1 year.

There is also a liquidity pool with an apy of 515.04% at this moment. The apy is lowering slowly.

From the website:

Note: This is not an advice. Do your own research. 

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I explain investing, mindset and crypto in an easy way and post about what I learn about crypto myself.

Mindset, investing and crypto.
Mindset, investing and crypto.

Hello, Awesome to be here and read so many amazing posts! I hope to learn a lot here. I am going to write about mindset, investing and crypto. I will share my knowledge and the new things I learn about crypto. I'm going to keep it simply. I like to keep it understandable for everyone. I hope you like it and learn something from it. That's my goal. If that sounds interesting to you, follow me. Greetings!

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