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#MyCryptoOutlook2022 - Celebrities Buying NFTs, GameFi and Metaverse

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++ | 30 Jan 2022

The crypto-community continues to grow as more people are being exposed to it in the past few months. DeFi was the trend in late 2020 and mid 2021 where most of DeFi tokens in Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem reached their all-time high such as $CAKE and $BAKE. The former almost hit the $44 mark where the latter reached $8.38.

Source: Coingecko

It was one of the best investments that I ever had when I bought $BAKE with $35 investment and had $250 profit. It should be $950 but I had paper hands and sold them earlier.

Meanwhile, the year 2021 met NFTs and became a trend until now. The number of people who invest in it is increasing. In fact, one NFT can be sold for millions for its ownership, traits, and rarity.


Source: Cnet and Cryptopunks

On top of that, NFTs are really popular to the point that even celebrities are buying them for thousands and million dollars for the ownership. Recently, Marshall Mathers also known as Eminem bought Bored Ape NFT for $462,000.


Source: Cryptopotato

Meanwhile, the latest celebrity who also bought NFT is the top-class celebrity, Justin Bieber. He bought his NFT for $1.3 or a total of 500 ETH as of January 30, 2022.


Source: Cryptopotato

Some people may think that the people who buy NFT are crazy to spend thousands and millions for a picture but NFTs are special and not only a digital picture. 

What makes NFT special?

These digital arts are unique and different from each other depending on the traits that they have. The accessories and the look of each NFT makes them different and special. This means that the person who bought NFT is considered as the owner and he has the rights if he will hold or sell it to gain a profit and contribute to the community.

In some cases, other NFTs have their utility where you can stake and earn passive income depending on their traits. If you are looking for NFTs that have utility, smartBCH offers this kind of investment.

The most popular NFT inside the smartBCH community is the Law Punks. These NFTs can be sold for more than 1 BCH depending on its rarity and power.


Source: BlockNg

Unlike other NFTs, you can stake your Law Punk NFT and earn while at stake. There are also different NFTs inside the smartBCH community that you can buy through



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Speaking of utility, other NFTs can also be used in gaming as their utility. This is how GameFi works. Since NFTs became a trend, the GameFi ecosystem started to get exposure and became popular. One of the popular NFT games is Axie Infinity. Since the game was discovered by a lot of people, it became hyped and more investors were interested.

Some people invested while others treated it as (more likely) a business to have passive income by offering scholarships to those people who want to play the game that cannot afford to invest.

When this game became a trend, more NFT games are getting exposure such as Thetan Arena, Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, and the latest game Pegaxy.

So, for me, the year 2021 is just the beginning of GameFi and more people will invest in it in the next coming years, especially 2022. This sign can make the price of its in-game and governance currency such as $AXS, $SLP, $TLM, $SPS, and more tokens related to GameFi.

But did you know that the tokens mentioned above can be traded in BitYard? It is an exchange that offers different features such as:

  • Spot trading
  • Copy trading
  • Demo trading
  • Futures and Inverse perpetual trading
  • and more…

For more information about Bityard:

Charity Adopts Crypto


In this world full of technology, it is possible that people will use cryptocurrency in their everyday life. In fact, there are platforms that accept crypto for the donation drive and fundraising to help organizations and charities to accumulate funds.

One of the examples is The Giving Block, it was founded last 2018 and it has become the go-to solution for nonprofits seeking cryptocurrency donations. Furthermore, after a few years of operation, they manage to accumulate 1000+ non-profit organizations where the donors can donate different cryptocurrency.

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