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Jetcoin: A Fuel That Connects Superstars And Fans Through Blockchain Technology

By Laurenceuuu | Mind++ | 9 Jan 2022

Jetcoin is a fuel that connect superstars and fans through blockchain technology secifically NFT to give a support to the athlete and fans by receiving a portion on their success.

This is how the distribution and utilities of Jetcoin in the ecosystem according to its whitepaper:


The main concept of this is supporters can buy NFT and receive a portion of JET tokens for every success of their idols. These NFTs define the ownership of the buyers and view it using the JETNFT viewer in They can use JET to for their social engagement and improve the users experience.

Nowadays, the community of the sport and other industries are constantly growing. The problem is they runs in a traditional way and few people are get rewarded, but the fans who gave the popularity are not.

This is why JET provides the benefit for the both side where the main focus is to make the athlete focuses on their career while the NFT holders, basically fans, will receive a portion for the success of their idols.

It runs under blockchain technology that is undeniably consistently growing especially non-fungible tokens (NFT). Seeing its growth can also bring the growth for the JET coin and possibly bring more investors.

Jetcoin also runs in both Ethereum an Binance Smart Chain networks. These two networks are the most widely used blockchain network that has ranged in NFT and DeFi that shows the potential of Jet NFT project.

Price Of Jetcoin And Its Historical Data

As of writing, the current price of JET is $0.03627257 with a -0.5% price change in 24 hours. Last April 22, 2018, JET reached its all time high with a price of $0.50 and all time low as $0.01 last April 29, 2020. 

Many people could join in this trend as it makes a win-win situation for the both sides and gives an opportunity for the possible growth of the career of your idols and give a profitable outcome to its NFT holders.

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