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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 28 Feb 2024

I have a long history with ZKitty DAO, being not only an OG in the community but also being privileged to be nice and early in one of the projects that will shake the Cryptoverse. The team never stops innovating, from airdrop strategies to a community-centered Discord. 

The story so far was already covered, with minting a bunch of ZKitty NFTs and making sure I will be eligible for a plethora of airdrops! Here's the tl;dr for those joining to late! You hold the NFT(s) and you will receive a share of any airdrop that the team will farm... no stress... no time consuming tasks!

You can get them from the Element NFT Marketplace, or wait for the new minting sessions. The Solana expansion was already confirmed and new strategies were shared with the community.


The ZKitty are living on Planet Paws, and will bring the airdrops to the masses! There are 5333 cute collectible friends on zkSync, each of them making the holder eligible to the Automated Airdrop Farming Service! The Automated Service helps normies compete with whales, and secure a share of airdrops they would not be able to tackle due to lack of time or funds. 

The ZKitty NFTs are farming airdrops for me while I chill! I don't need to waste my time chasing stuff and doing countless transactions. The first airdrop that came from holding the NFTs was the very own $ZKITTY tokens. The next gift for the NFT holders will be $CLIP... and more to follow!

I claimed my $ZKITTY after the 90 days vesting period ended, and 3750 $ZKITTY tokens landed in my wallet. We are not yet out of the bear market, and those tokens are valued at 200 USD! Just wait to see the growth will start, and when the NFT holders will start getting their fair share of airdrop bounties! 

Want more alpha? The NFTs are native on zkSync and claiming the tokens will use LayerZero technology, sending them to Ethereum mainnet. Interacting with LayerZero can make you eligible for their potential airdrop! Double-dip and ticking boxes for more bounties! 


Let's go back to the reason you are reading this article... and see how ZKitty gamified Discord by adding the Drip bot! The $KATNIP tokens can be earned through social interaction, events and quests. You say GM and boom... earned some $KATNIP! You can claim it daily from the katnip-box and use them at the casino, at the store ... or to earn prizes.

I joined a raffle and spent 200 $KATNIP on tickets, hoping to win one of those three NFTs added in the raffle! The gods of random were smiling even if the chances were low! I won another ZKitty NFT using $KATNIP, and sent it to the telegram bot for more benefits! 


My new ZKitty was staked and will accumulate loyalty points, which will make my share from airdrops bigger. Also started the $ZKITTY vesting, as each NFT comes with a 469 tokens allocation. 

What else you can do with $KATNIP? You can hit the store and secure a guaranteed mint spot for the upcoming Solana mint. This offer is limited to one per user, for 250 $KATNIP. There are 500 Solana Mint Spots and OG members can put their tokens to use.


Yes, I also said casino! You can play Crash, Blackjack or Poker with your $KATNIP for fun or glory! I even took part in the game night, and smashed the competition at poker. I like the Drip bot! 

I won all rounds and pumped my $KATNIP bag with what the other participants lost. Won a Solana Mint Spot at the tournament and climbed my way to the top of the leaderboard. PVM is patiently waiting for new mints, new raffles and new ways to spend his $KATNIP.


Residual Income:

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card / 

Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash 

Creators bundle: Publish0xHive & Presearch

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