Triple M (Mad Man McAfee) arrested for US Tax Evasion

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 9 Oct 2020

I grew up having McAfee antivirus on every PC I had, not because it was free but because was the best. John McAfee was some kind of genius billionaire as a result of his software. In 2020, the link with the famous antivirus is the only positive aspect remaining in John McAfee's life. His life went downhill as he lost all his money and got involved in many controversies including drugs, prostitutes, guns and murder accusations.  The tech wizard tried to pull his last ace from his sleeve, when he announced his second bid for US President and his main campaign highlight will be to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. However he retired from the race in March, days after the first announcement.  722a31f715ca96ba5f7a35bc1cd0d971354f4b4e318d89837b69b49e98bcdd30.jpeg

Moving fast forward to October, Triple M posted on Twitter that his autobiography will come out in 2021, but after he was arrested yesterday in Spain, it looks that the book will be written behind bars. Just as a mention, this is not even something new, as many corrupted politicians from Romania become self-published authors while doing years in jail. 

McAfee was finally arrested in Spain, after failing to file his US taxes and hiding assets on the name of others. The ex-billionaire now madman, was caught while he was trying to flee to Istanbul. He was also accused for influencing the crypto-market, promoting, pumping and dumping various ICO and shitcoins. He made $23 million from lying and manipulating while others lost life-long savings. 

He is waiting for his extradition to US where most certain he will end up in prison. Now is time to pay back the years of good life as result of scams with about five  years of "good life" behind bars. Maybe there he will be reminded about his 2017 risky bet on Bitcoin. cd95795d0326a520cba181b07e982bad31a93b6ed500280f3dbd19f28607c4a2.jpeg

Time will tell if John McAfee will respect his words, but is hard to believe a compulsive liar and a scammer. Maybe his cell-mates will give him a... hand! Time's up John!... be a man, step forward and keep your promise!



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