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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 14 Aug 2021

This time was different because the dip lasted for a whole week and my portfolio value dropped by 60% from the peak! I decided that Thursday 20th of May was a good day to buy some new assets and take advantage of the discounted price! I bought the dip but the dip grew bigger! Took a chance and joined Travala


I dream that one day I will book my holiday paying with crypto and take advantage of the  growing E-Tourism trends. E-Tourism is the link between IT and the travel and tourism sector. The integration of IT and ITC in the hospitality sector is used to improve booking, online reservations, online reviews and to design tourism apps and social media marketing. Travala brings this dream closer and reason of my 380.99 AVA tokens investment. I paid $1113 for the whole stash and I sent them on Travala to earn rewards. From purchase to transfer, the value already dropped by 99 USD.


The biggest investment in 2021 was in Travala (AVA), the holiday booking platform that accepts crypto payments. Travala is a start-up integrated blockchain based booking platform to provide services for travelers worldwide. All types of properties and accommodations are available with prices up to 40% cheaper than traditional travel agencies. Frictionless travel booking is integrated on blockchain and the customers are receiving tokenized rewards. AVA is the native token of the Travala network, a token that is used alongside traditional payment options, providing transparent pricing.

I activated my Smart Membership (add referral) by locking 250 AVA for a set of discounts and advantages. The Level 1 entitles me to 8.04 % interest on my tokens, 1% discount on bookings and 2% discount on Smart accommodation bookings.


Twitter is one of the most popular online methods to search for the travel destinations. With over 300 million monthly users and  5000 millions of daily tweets, Twitter is a great addition to holiday planning. The amount of users relying on Twitter for travel ideas is growing constantly and Travala took advantage of the modern trend by setting up an interactive and well maintained Twitter account. The account was set up in February 2018 and now has 93,900 followers. The high numbers are the result of constant communication between the provider and the customers, as they created a strong bound and a trusted relationship.


Due to the Binance Market Limited ban in the UK, I sold my $COIN shares and decided to buy more $AVA. I bought 214 tokens and sent them to Travala to upgrade my Smart Membership to level 2.  


My current $AVA holdings are 600 tokens. The initial investment was $1593 and at the moment my $AVA stash is valued at $1602 so I recovered from the dip.  My Smart Level 2 perks are 2% discount of the listed price, 2% loyalty reward for all bookings paid in the AVA wallet and 8.04% APR bonus reward for all locked AMA. Any full payment with $AVA will entitle me to an extra 3% discount of the total price of the booking. 


My investment on Travala is a long term plan of accumulating $AVA from the bonus reward and from cashback rewards for future holidays. I now receive 3.35 AVA per month.


Three months of Smart Membership and the monthly reward for locking tokens added 8.37 AVA in my wallet. I am confident that my investment was at a low price and I estimate that the price will double by 1st of January 2022.


Residual Income:

Join Travala

Join Splinterlands! 

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DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch



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