Top News! Federal Reserve makes Bitcoin price drop & Elon Musk will hack our brains!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 28 Aug 2020

The Bitcoin value dropped after the Federal Reserve’s chairman, Jerome Powell, announced the introduction of average inflation targeting.

The monetary policy will implement tolerance for high inflation, by confirming that the US central bank will allow the inflation level to go past the 2% target. If this inflation rate will be reached, than raising interest rates will be considered. The negative correlation between the US dollar and BTC made the top cryptocurrency lose value this morning, dropping close to $11,000.          

Being the household cryptocurrency expert made me inform my wife about it. She could't care less, and said something about being 7 AM, and some swear words. Motivated by the reaction, I invested all the money from my account into Bitcoin. Time will tell if the $80 were a good investment. e7b6c1da84a62a9de6aebdbfbacb05e7a3419d10671fb9b8acdda2baa50f2be6.jpeg

Meanwhile, Elon Musk wants to make the human brain to communicate with machines. Neuralink is the first step of Elon's ambitious plans to give people superhuman powers.

The interface could allow people with neurological conditions to control devices with their mind, a mix between Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto. The "chosen" people will merge with artificial intelligence, but they will be able to control the A.I. and avoid the Terminator Saga scenario.

Bank updates, Artificial Intelligence evolution, Bitcoin fighting to go above the $12k barrier, and a lot of cyber-hacks happening this week. All those events made me feel under surveillance. I told my wife to speak in whispers .... b50ade72500f79296d60e0549b2457559168a3b32aca671311f8860594569aab.jpeg


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