The YieldYak Gazette - March Madness And $AVAX Achievements

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 25 Mar 2024

Welcome to the Yield Yak Gazette, the newsletter that will fill you up with good vibes, top APY and yak news! March Madness, new integrations from your favorite DeFi optimizer and $AVAX acheivments by PVM! 

Yield Yak is the most popular and most used optimizer on Avalanche, due to the great variety of opportunities that it offers. An optimizer is in charge of maximizing the annual percentage of rewards that users can get when farming or staking your cryptocurrencies on other platforms. 

The optimizers use the rewards users receive to exchange it for the cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies you are farming or staking. The next step is to put those cryptocurrencies back into the farm. The compound interest is obtained by using the rewards and reinvesting them in the farm. Sit back and earn!


Yield Yak offers one-click leveraged farming strategies for borrowing and lending markets like Aave, Benqi, and others. These strategies optimise your single-asset deposits, automatically compound your returns, and save you time

I like long-term strategies, and auto-compounding pools are my favorite pools! I can add crypto and enjoy the full package... optimized yield, no waste on gas, and perpetual earnings. I seen the power of auto-compounding with my staked $AVAX, and I was thrilled when Yield Yak launched on Arbitrum.

Popular Yield Yak farms compound every few hours, and the reward tokens are converted into deposit tokens on behalf of all users in the pool many times per day. Yield Yak on Arbitrum meant that I was finally able to stake my lazy $ARB tokens.


Third month of 2024, which means the 3rd slice of $YAK added in the pot! I set a target for this year, 0.1 $YAK to be added monthly in my portfolio, and is going well so far. By December I will have at least 1.2 $YAK staked in the pool, a long term comitment towards DeFi evolution.

The auto-compounding will make my stash even bigger, as the stash is already up by 0.0159 since the start of the year.  It's the start of spring and I already have 0.315 YAK earning compounded interest. 

What is compounded interest? Yield Yak exchanges my rewards for the base asset and adds it to my position, and the next injection of rewards will come from a larger base amount. The perpetual action will growth that accelerates over time, delivering higher and higher rewards.


Let's move on to bigger challenges, those that take a longer time to acheive. I added my bag of AVAX in a pool back in 2022, and I said will be wonderful to raise the holdings to 30 AVAX. YieldYak was my faithful companion in this quest, and I reached the target thanks to state-of-the-art defi! 

Spring, rejuvenation and two more $AVAX ready to be added in the Benqui pool on Yield Yak. Want to guess what will happen when this are staked? Drum roll please for another succesful experience!


Reaching targets is always so satisfying, but you know what I will say! When you reach your goal... set a bigger goal! I added 1.98 AVAX into the pool, and the 2.7% APY will add little slices perpetually. The portfolio will grow constantly and will help me reach my new goal! I want to have 50 AVAX by the end of 2025! The game is on! 


Tracking my portfolio was simplified by debank, and I can easily check my stash with a click. Yield Yak bonanza on Avalanch, where my 31.56 AVAX will keep growing. Do you think I will acheive the next level of staking, and the 50 AVAX by the end of 2025? Let's hear some predictions!


Yield Yak news and DeFi updates! 

Yield Yak has a long track record of being early supporters to native Avalanche DeFi protocols, ranging from older projects like Trader Joe and Colony, to more recent initiatives like DeltaPrime and FortiFi. A newcomer can now be added to this: Stable Jack.

What is Stable Jack? Stable Jack is an Avalanche native LSTfi protocol that partitions $AVAX volatility into two products to have a new yield-bearing stablecoin, called $aUSD, while also creating a volatile AVAX token, called $xAVAX.

aUSD is a yield-bearing stable coin that offers:

  • Capital efficiency
  • No liquidation risk
  • No exposure to centralized party risks

xAVAX is a token that offers:

  • DeFi composability
  • No funding fees
  • An extremely low risk of liquidation

In simpler terms, xAVAX will behave like a leveraged AVAX derivative. Stable Jack is an ambitious project which Contributors feel can greatly benefit the Avalanche ecosystem, and Yield Yak will be doing its part to help. A part of that is a $5K USD seed investment from Yield Yak's Treasury.

Want more alpha? The Yak Memecoin Rush is here, letting teams create liquidity mining programs for their token in under 2 mins with no code. Built on top of TraderJoe V1 pools leveraging LlamaPay functionality, these farms provide ultimate reward management flexibility. Setup is literally a couple of transactions:

  • Deposit your token of choice to You can deposit and incentivise with ANY token. Llamapay is built by the Defillama team and provides amazing flexibility in how you stream rewards.
  • Create a new stream with the Yak farm contract as the receiver. You can choose your streaming rate and change or pause it any time. And that's it.

Yield Yak's new farms will detect and pick-up any number of LlamaPay streams and tokens and compound them into the underlying farm. Plus, incentivising TJ V1 pools help create deep liquidity for your users in pools which aren't subject to as much impermanent loss as concentrated liquidity.

To kickstart things, the following farms are being deployed with $AVAX rewards streaming to showcase functionality: $COQ / $AVAX $KIMBO / AVAX $GEC / AVAX $TECH / AVAX $MEOW / AVAX $NOCHILL / AVAX 


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