Talking Crypto with Gabriel Haines #2 - the November round-up of quality crypto knowledge

Talking Crypto with Gabriel Haines #2 - the November round-up of quality crypto knowledge

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 30 Nov 2021

It's the end of the month and the crypto charts are not looking great. Don't panic and don't sell, even when the charts are seeing more red then the Red Wedding! 


Just to add up some flavor to the message, listen carefully to Gabriel Haines! Yes ... this crypto ball is still rolling! This crypto ball will keep rolling no matter how many will panic sell. The secret is to buy low and sell high, not the opposite! Nevaaaaa seeelllinnng! 

You should always listen to one of the veterans in the field, one of the content creators with 25,000 subscribers across Twitter, Telegram and Youtube. Make sure you check Talking Crypto with Gabriel Haines #1 for the October round-up. It contains top crypto interviews with Eva Beylin from The Graph Protocol, Hannes Graah from Gro Protocol, Zemm and Zach from Coordinape, Zeus from Olympus DAO, Andras Kristof from Ether Cards and Jonathan Hillis from Cabin DAO

November Talking Crypto Hot Videos! 

Interview with Xavier Ekkel from prePO, a decentralized exchange that helps users get exposure to any pre-IPO company or pre-token project. The platform will enable unlimited and unrestricted access to the above offerings without worrying about paperwork, minimum investment, geographical restriction or lock-up periods.

Read more about Xavier and PREPO

Interview with Devops199fan, the founder and CEO of Saddle Finance. Lots to learn from Sunil crypto experience, knowledge and participation in major projects. He has a double major in computer science and finance, is a Blood Mage at MetaCartel Ventures and a member of eGirl Capital. Sadle Finance is an AMM that enables fast trading between pegged value crypto assets, including tokens with collateralization via Synthetix (SNX).

Read more about Devops199fan and Saddle Finance

Interview with Fiskantes, a degen investor extraordinaire and partner at Zee Prime Capital. The meme and crypto games topics are covered, and how NFTs are helping the Cryptoverse evolve. 

Read more about Fiskantes 

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