Swapping Crypto On zkSync With Maverick

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 10 Apr 2024

I discovered Maverick after Binance added $MAV farming as a launchpool, and done a little research about the project. Maverick is a composable DEX that enables LP to achieve high capital efficiency through different strategies.

I farmed 5 $MAV and sold them after listing, at a pretty decent price. The token followed the normal trajectory after a Binance listing and the price went down as everyone dumped. However, I went against the tide and bought back! My $MAV stash doubled, buying 12 tokens with the $BNB I've got for selling on listing day. 

Binance integrates Maverick Protocol on zkSync Era Network

Maverick turned more attractive when they expanded on zkSync, because using the protocol will tick more boxes in my zkSync airdrop farming. Maverick and zkSync are both layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum.

Maverick is a rollup technology that aims to increase transaction throughput and reduce fees on the Ethereum network, while zkSync scaling solution that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to enable fast and low-cost transactions. Both solutions are designed to address the scalability issues of Ethereum and improve the overall user experience, making it easier for crypto enthusiasts to trade and explore decentralized finance. 

It gets even better... as the Maverick AMM will refund automatically between 30 and 80% of the gas fees. Swapping some crypto for double dip, as the research was also backed up by a Layer3 quest. Completed the swap and 68.22% of the gas fee was refunded, and I also minted one Layer3 Cube.


MAV is the ERC-20 token powers the protocol, and can be staked for rewards. I bought more $MAV and decided to stack it for voting power. I locked 38.21 $MAV for 1 year in exchange of 58.35 veMAV. The allocation is bigger for longer amounts, but 4 years locking looks like an infinity! Everything goes ten times faster in the Cryptoverse... and it's a big chance that AI takes over the world by 2028! 

Few weeks later I transferred the $MAV tokens I had on Binance, and top it up with few more. This time I staked for 6 months, just to keep the asset in a semi-liquid state. I checked few times for proposals but no active voting was available for my veMAV. 


But what is veMAV? The name is a short for Voting-Escrow MAV (veMAV) and this tokens are governance tokens that are rewarded to holders of staked MAV. These governance tokens are used to vote on the future of Maverick Protocol, through snapshots and proposals.

My two locks will release at different dates, one in July and the other in October. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to vote by then, or at least see the value of the tokens grow. My stash of 140 $MAV is currently valuated at $89, but I see it as a crypto gem! If no big surge will happen in half-year... then at least it helped towards the zkSync airdrop! 


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